Wayne County

Military Pension Abstracts

Submitted by Researchers

As Laura says, "Help Connect the Dots!".  Sometimes you can get a lot of information from a pension file.  To see what you might find, enjoy reading these files, even if they are not part of your family (who knows?).

If you have a man in your line(s) that served in "any" war, you may submit his pension - service record(s) even if he never served, lived, or died in Wayne Co., IL, he has family ties here.

If you have Heritage Quest, footnote.com, or ancestry.com, you can get Revolutionary War papers on line.  So sharpen your eyes (these are hard to read), clean your keyboard (to type the abstract), and open your email box (to send them to me!).

Soldier Name War
ALLEN,  Andrew C Civil
BOSWELL,  James C Civil
BURROUGHS,  Hayes Civil
CATES, Robert D 1812
CATES, Robert D Blackhawk
CLARK, George Rev.
CLARK,  Henry M Civil
CLARK,  James Rev.
CLARK,  Richard and widow Mary Shehorn 1812
CRAVENS, Henry D Civil
DESELMS,  John D. Civl
FLICK, Arthur J Civil
GASTON,  James Rev.
HALL,  Lewis Civil
HARL, George W Civil
HENSON, John Rev
HILL, Henry C Civil
HILL, Thomas M Civil
HILL,  Thomas W Civil
JONES, Caleb C Civil
LAND, Jr.,   Abraham  Civil
LOCK, James Rev.
MARTIN, James B Civil
MARTIN, Owen 1812
McRILL, Ervin  G Civil
McRILL, John M Civil
McRILL,  Newton Civil
RALEY, David Civl
SHULL, Peter Rev.
SIMPSON,  William Rev.
SLOAN,  Thomas Rev.
SMITH,  Ritner Civil
SPRIGGS, Morris D Civil
STANLEY,  Isaac H Civil
STEVENS/STEPHENS,  Zachariah 1812
WALLER,  Aaron W Civil
WHITSON,  Jesse D (1) Civil
WILKISON, George Civil

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