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Garrison Temple Class Member Lists For 1895-1933.
Hopewell Baptist chruch records starting 1845
First United Methodist  Fairfield, once k/a M. E. Church 
w/photos, history of the church/Fairifled, 
all the ministers, and more.  Lots of history
Old New Hope Missionary Baptist History With Photo. 
Member List from 1875 and 1890.
Olive Branch Southern Baptist Short Church History With Photo. 
Church Land Deed of 1869.
Pleasant Grove Missonary Baptist Abstracts From Church Minutes, 1845 and 1850-1855. 
Membership List 1853-1860.
Richland Memorial A lovely photo of a church
Union North Cumberland Presbyterian church photo 1828  - 1874 
Minutes of Session and early members 1852-1898.
Four Union Baptist mins. from Feb. 24, 1889  - Aug. 18, 1895

Ellen  Moore  Methodist started 1901  Is located on the corner of 
Delaware and NW 7th, Fairfield, IL
Northside Pentecostal founded around 1960 by Rev. Clifton Galiher

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