Wayne County

Olive Branch Baptist Church

The Olive Branch Missionary Southern Baptist Church is located south of Wayne City, just north of the county line road. The church and its cemetery (across the street) are also known to some as the Baltimore Church and Baltimore Cemetary. Some of the early records refer to this as the "New Church".

Often early Saturday night, Grand-dad would go to the church to 'practice' his sermon while Grandma and my parents listened (for comments?). After he got done, Grandma would practice playing the hymns to be sung the next day on a 'foot key petal' organ. As she played, Grand-dad and my Dad sang in their beautiful tenor voices. My sis and I always sat across the street, under the Oak tree in the cemetery. What a joy to hear them.

In March, 2005, I went to visit the cemetery.  As I closed my eyes, I could hear their voices singing....

Dianna Williams

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