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New Hope General Baptist Church

Transcribed and submitted by Diane Bunting Lehner

This page is dedicated to the Old New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. This is one of the many older churches in Wayne County. Many thanks to Diane and the pastor for allowing her to transcribe this information and to place it on the web site.  Most of all, thank you to all those that helped start this church and those that attend it today.

History of New Hope
General Baptist Church

An early history written for the 1965 church homecoming states that the New Hope General Baptist Church was organized in September 1874 by Elder J.F. Clevenger, Elder S.C. Sherwood, Deacon D. Smith and Deacon John Smith.  However, the earliest church minutes that have been located are dated December, 1875.

The church is located in Section 25 of Big Mound Township, (T.2S.-R7.E.) approximately ¼ mile west of Highway 45 in Wayne County, Illinois.  The building site was a gift from Brother Henry Tyler.

 The first lighting system used was tallow candles, a little later they were discarded for kerosene lamps, then came the gas lights, a few years later a battery plant supplied the energy for a lighting system, and when the R.E.A. lines were brought to our Community, our present electric lights were installed.

The Church had no bell for several years, until around 1912, when Sister Rebecca Hall gave the Church one as a gift.

In 1958, the addition on the south side of the building was added.

Elders J. F. Clevenger and J. P. Turner were among the earliest pastors with Brothers Henry Tyler and W. T. Zimmerman serving in the position of church clerk.

This 1875 undated membership list was found in the book of church minutes that begins with the date August 1875.

Aug 1875 Dec 28, 1890
Catey Burges
Z.W. Wood
Issac Thurston
Nancy J. Thurston
Martin Cross
Philip Peer
Lavina Peer
J.F. Clevenger
James Crumton
Ed B. Tyler
G. W. Tyler
Charles Zimmerman
Wm. Zimmerman Jr
Etta Honie Balou
Joseph Sork Jr.
Miranda Sork
E.B. Clevenger
Sabinia Clevenger
John Sork
T.M. Glasco

  Reverse of Page
Wm. Tucker
Wm. Kincart
Salley Black
James Baird
Sina Baird
Augusta M. Bairk(probably Baird)
Cansadid Meeks
Ida Shorb Hubbard (Shorb written in pencil)
Lu (possibly Lee) Hines
Jane Cline
Henry Zimmerman
William Turner
Mary Turner
Elizabeth Kincart
Jesse M. Hubbard
Barthena Hubbard
John Bigerstaf
Florida M. Bigerstaf
Phaniah Honie
?anervey Were (page torn)
hn R. Murp (page torn)
Ercila Mur (page torn)
ary M. Br (page torn)
John Cross
Mrs. Sarah Cross
Elizabeth Cross
Wm Zimmerman
Mrs. Jane Cox
Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton
C C White
Mrs. L. E. Turner
P. Turner
Sarah Joslin
Sarah Greathous
Andrew Caldwell
John B. Boner Jr.
Laffet Adsit
Mrs. R. J. Caldwell
Mrs. Sophronia Hart
Thomas Smith
David Clevenger
July A Wood
Malinda R Boneer
Mrs. Eva J ?esort
George M Cox
Flovena Cox
Mrs. Ida J Clevenger
Mrs. Martha A Waters
Emanuel D. Clevenger
Mrs. Jane Tyler
Mrs. R V Foster
Mrs. M. V. Hamilton
Mrs. Canzada Bunting
Z. W Wood
Isaac Thursten
Nancy J Thursten
Martin Cross
Philip Peer
J F Clevenger
Ed B Tyler
George W. Tyler
Charles Zimmerman
W T Zimmerman
Mrs. Etta Ballue
Joseph Sork Jr
Mrs. Marenda Sork
Mrs. Sabrina Sluder
John Sork
T M Glasco
Mrs. Marthia Glasco
Nancy O Murphy
Mrs. Mary A. Clevenger
Mrs. Martha Allen
Emir Hornick
Mrs. Mary Sork
James Smith
Wm Tyler
Samuel Tyler
Joseph Sork
Barcilla Sork
Henry Kincart
Susan Kincart
James Biard
Mrs A.M. Parmer
Mrs. Cansada Moris
Ida Horb
Mrs. Jane Collins
Len Hines
Mrs. Jane Morland
Henry Zimmerman
Wm Turner
Mrs. Mary Turner
Elazabath Kincart
Jesse M Hubard
Mrs. Barthenia Hubard
Mrs. Phinia Hornick
Mrs. Marerva Weres
John R. Murphy
Mrs. Pricilla Murphy
Mrs Mary M. Brown
Mrs. Etta Morland
Wm Turker
David Shoaf
Mrs. Mary E. Zimmerman
Mrs. Ellen Allen
Mrs. Deborah Shoaf
Mrs. Minie Cox
Charles Wells
Olover Scruder
David Allen
Joseph Fuller
Eva Harlan
Mrs. Emma Peer
Tillie Peer
Wm Wood
Mrs. Helen Cross
Mrs. Monroe Martin
Antny Armer
Etta Cox
Cale Cline
John Ledbetter
Ec Keen
John Baker
Adline Keen
Carrie B. Calwell
Nora Baker
Ev. Heiflin
Connie Wright
Charlie Wooen
Ada Cox
Sarah Bane
Ida ?ame
Mary Kenerly
Nancy Kenerly
Nani Wood
George Kenerly

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