Wayne County

First United Methodist Church

Transcribed and submitted by Dianna Williams

Source: The History of the First United Methodist Church of Fairfield, IL -1968

The  History ---  First United Methodist Church

Two years ago my sister was in Fairfield visiting me.  We sat in front of the court house talking while we waited ... then the
time came. the chimes started to play. My sister, who sings like an angle, started to sing as the Chimes played ... Within seconds several people stopped to hear her and most joined her. It started to sound like a choir. One man had even said, "I never really listened to the chimes before. I will from now on!".

If you ever come to Fairfield you must take the time to sit in frount of the court house on the hour to hear the chimes play, from the First United Methodist Church, once known as the M. E. Church.

The pages of this history are copied "as written" in the booklet.

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