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Dedicated to the GARRISON families and the GARRISON TEMPLE CHURCH

Dixie wrote about her relationship to this church and cemetery:
My husband and I are members of the Garrison Temple and I am a trustee of the cemetery.  A task that I have set for myself is to make a plat of the two cemeteries.  The one  on the north side of the road is the Garrison Cemetery and on the south is the Garrison Temple Cemetery.  The same trustees care for both cemeteries.

I have an old record book from Garrison Temple Church showing the membership as of Oct. 12, 1895.  There were 66 members at that time.  The book also records lists from 1897, 1902,1913, 1922, & 1933.

On October 25, 1999, I got this from Dixie:
We celebrated our 104th(?) or 105th homecoming at the church today.
The book of records was given to me by an older church member who lived at the site of the Garrison home, Bert Minor.  He and his wife Ruth built a new home on that site and took down the old house.  I spend many happy times there with their daughter.

*The following list is as the entries in the book.  The spelling of some of the names may not be accurate.  The letters "M" and "S" were indicated in all but a few  names".
Dixie Woods

Some of the lists were in a single column but I divided them into two columns to make it easier and faster to access the names.

Class Book
as revised by the church 
October 12, 1895
Rev. E. J. Hall, Pastor
Temple Class 
Nov. 21, 1897
Garrison Temple Class
Revised by Class leader 

Dec 21,1902
G. W. Clark, Pastor

Garrison Temple 
Class Book 

revised April 24, 1911
by Committee 
Anna Stull, 
Winnie Wilson, 
Cora Mills, 
P. C. Cline, Pastor

Garrison Temple Class Book
revised  Aug. 18, 1913
S.V. Coil,  Sarah Wilson, 
and Anna Stull. 

P. O. Cline, Pastor

Garrison Temple Class Book 
revised Feb. 26, 1933

Revision Committee 
Mrs Tyra Mills, 
Mrs. Cora Mills, 
Mrs. Jim Elliis
Pastor T. E. Abel

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