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The first list of biographies were taken from the "original" Wayne & Clay County History book that was printed 1884 and does not have a copyright on it. It was reprinted in the 1970's.

To prevent violation of the copyright laws, I am able to place these sketches on the web because I own an original book, printed 1884 (and a reprint book that I bought in 1978). With the pages so brittle from their aging, we scanned the sketches from the book and put the book back into a safety deposit box, I also own a reprint copy (done in the 1970's--- I think) and I use it for reference.

When you read any of the biographies, remember it is as written in 1884 and none of the spelling, grammar, or punctuation was changed.

These can be a good resource because many of the sketches provide information on the subject's parent, occupation, political and religion (than on them or their family). Do not take everything as to be 100% correct, many have said the author made lots of errors.

Dianna Williams

Assisted by Sandy Bauer who scanned Dianna's old 1884 book so volunteers could transcribe bios.

Additional transcriptionists: Elaine Suhre, Shirley C., Michelle Young

The following biographies were submitted by researchers.

If you have a 'Bio' to share, send it to me to be displayed on this site. Maybe someone else researching your line will find it and contact you.

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