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Cemetery Name Also Known As Township Map # on Co. Map
Anderson   Hickory Hill  (East) Yes  
Anderson   Hickory Hill (South)    
Arrington Prairie Dickeyville  Hickory Hill    
Atteberry   Barnhill Yes  
Atteberry   Hickory Hill Yes  
Bailey   Hickory Hill    
Baltimore Olive Branch Orel Yes  
Barnhill   Barnhill    
Barth Cope Elm River Yes  
Bestow   Lamard    
Bethel Old Brushy Leech    
Bethany   Keith Yes  
Borah Family   Barnhill Yes  
Bovee   Lamard Yes  
Bradford Pierce Hickory Hill Yes  
Branch Old Geff  Lamard    
Brown   Elm River    
Brown Old Ebenezer Jasper    
Bruce   Four Mile Yes  
Brushy Creek        
Buckeye   Lamard Yes  
Bull   Berry    
Bunker Indian Prairie Keith    
Butler Graves   Barnhill    
Campbell Crews  Lamard Yes  
Campbell Hill   Grover    
Cannon   Grover    
Carien   Berry Yes  
Cates Family   Indian Prairie Yes  
Cates   Barnhill    
Cincinnati   Berry Yes  
Cisne Yarnell Bedford    
Cisne Family   Orchard Yes  
Clark   Big Mound Yes  
Collins Graves   Lamard    
Crask   Hickory Hill Yes  
Crews   Massilon Yes  
Crews   Mt Erie Yes  
Cross Peach Tree Big Mound    
Cumberland Chapel North Thomas Jasper    
Curry Court Street Grover Yes  
Day   Grover Yes  
Dobbs Graves   Hickory Hill Yes  
East Antioch   Leech    
Eaton-West   Leech    
Ebenezer   Jasper    
Egbert   Four Mile Yes  
Elizabeth Crews   Jasper    
Evangelical German Elm River    
Farnsworth Mt. Zion Four Mile    
Fatheree Graves   Orchard    
Few Graves Unknown Name Big Mound    
Fitch   Elm River Yes  
Forrest Ridge   Mt Erie    
Forth   Hickory Hill Yes  
Fox   Barnhill    
Frame Puckett Barnhill    
Funkhouser   Leech    
Garrison Temple   Hickory Hill    
Gash   Leech Yes  
Gifford Gardner Barnhill Yes  
Gray Thackrey Barnhill    
Grice   Jasper    
Gunion   Bedford    
Hale   Indian Prairie Yes  
Hall   Big Mound Yes  
Harmon   Orchard Yes  
Harrells   Orchard Yes  
Hazel Pell Greve   Leech    
Hearn   Jasper    
Henry Voltz   Grover    
Henson   Orchard Yes  
Hodges   Leech    
Hoffee   Leech    
Holloway   Arrington    
Hopewell   Arrington    
Hoover Grave   Orchard    
Jacob's Chapel   Orchard Yes  
Johnson   Jasper Yes  
Johnson   Mt Erie Yes  
Johnsonville   Indian Prairie    
Jonathan Sutton   Lamard    
Jones Graves   Indian Prairie    
Kenshalo   Barnhill Yes  
Koontz   Grover Yes  
Laird   Elm River Yes  
Lappin   Berry Yes  
Locust Grove   Mt Erie Yes  
Long Prairie   Four Mile    
Maple Hill   Grover Yes  
Martin Creek Dunkard Lamard    
Matthews   Hickory Hill    
Mayberry-Mauldin Shoe Creek Arrington    
McKendree   Mt Erie    
Miflin   Hickory Hill    
Moore   Barnhill    
Moutray   Mt Erie Yes  
Mrs. Cooper's   Grover    
Mt. Erie Ole Yohe Mt Erie    
Mt. Pleasant   Orchard    
Nunn Robertson Jasper Yes  
Oak Valley   Lamard    
O'Dell Family   Leech    
Pettyjohn   Keith    
Pin Oak   Berry    
Pittman   Keith    
Pleasant Grove   Barnhill    
Pleasant Grove   Lamard    
Pleasant Hill Needmore Orchard    
Popular Creek   Orchard    
Posey   Jasper    
Powell Grave   Orchard    
Powers Plesant Mound Garden Hill    
Providence Church   Grover    
Pruitt   Keith Yes  
Redfern   Hickory Hill    
Richards   Orchard    
Richland   Big Mound    
Round Prairie   Berry    
Russell   Keith Yes  
Salem Davis-Mateer
3/4 complete
Four Mile    
Schell    Indian Prairie    
Scott   Mt Erie Yes  
Scottsville   Leech    
Shaw Shaeffer Grover Yes  
Simpson Wintzenburger CK Barnhill Yes  
Slocumb   Grover    
Smith Cook Keith Yes  
South Toms Prairie   Jasper Yes  
Stewart   Leech Yes  
Stine   Bedford Yes  
Talbert   Arrington    
Ten Post Oak   Hickory Hill    
Thomas Hill   Massilon Yes  
Thomason   Four Mile Yes  
Travers   Mt Erie Yes  
Trotter   Orel Yes  
Turner Graves   Hickory Hill    
Tyler   Hickory Hill Yes  
Union   Leech    
Unnamed cemetery   Indian Prairie    
Vernon   Jasper Yes  
Veteran's Memorial Mapel Hill Grover    
Victory   Lamard    
Walker   Mt Erie Yes  
Warren   Hickory Hill    
Warren New Church Orchard    
Wells   Zif Yes  
Wesley Chapel   Indian Prairie Yes  
West   Massilon    
White Graves   Berry    
Williams   Zif Yes  
Willow Branch   Keith    
Wilson   Leech Yes  
Wolfe   Hickory Hill Yes  
Wood   Four Mile Yes  
Wright   Grover Yes  
Wright   Zif Yes  
Young   Lamard Yes  
Zif   Zif Yes  
Zimmerman   Keith    
Zion   Hickory Hill    
Zion Hill   Leech    

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