Wayne County

Old Letters

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ol01 BUTLER,  Wilson
31-53 are 23 letters
Lots of family names and info mentioned
ol31 from  Martha M M
to   sister
#1 of 23
ol32 from  Sall D
to  cousin
#2 of 23
ol33 from  COX,  S I C
to    sister, Singletary, Mary A an f_ily
#3 of 23
ol34 from   Myrtle Frick
to   aunt, Mrs M. A. Singletry
#4 of 23
ol35 from   Will Atterbury
to    mother,  Mrs M. A. Singletary
#5 of 23
ol36 from    Imizindia Cox
to    sister,  Mary A Singletary
#6 of 23
ol37 from   Martha Renfrow
to  Mary Singletary
#7 of 23
ol38 from   Willim Attberry
to  Zadie and Fancy
#8 and #15
ol39 from  Samuel Cates
to  step-mom, Mary Singletary
#9 of 23
ol40 from   D. B. Harlan
to Mary Singletary
#10 of 23
ol41 from   Eve Ellie Cox 
to   Cansasie Atteberry
#11 of 23
ol42 from   William J Dorris
and  J.W.  Bennet's family
#12 of 23
to   cousins and family
ol43 from   Geraldine
to   Aunt Fancy
#13 of 23
ol44 from   Harold Cates
to  Unknown
#14 of 23
ol46 from    M. A. Singletary
to Mrs. Harry Clifton
#16 of 23
ol47 from   J. Marinda Cox
to  Sister
#17 of 23
ol48 from   the old woman
to  Mrs Mary A Singleterry
#18 of 23
ol49 from   D.B. Harlan and family
to  sister, Mary A Singleltery
#19 of 23
ol50 from   W. Cobbs
to   Mrs. Mary A. Cates
#20 of 23
Letter #21 could not be read
ol52 from  Martha R
to  sister,  Mary Joseph Singletary
#22 of 23
ol53 from    G H Herringen
tCousin Miss Fancy
#23 of 23
From  FOSTER,  Syl and Mary
to family
ol04 from  FOSTER,  Mary 
to  David Hayden Foster
Dec 19, 1870
ol05 from  FOSTER,  Syl
To   Elizabeth (Emmons) Foster
Dec 15, 1872
ol06 From  FOSTER,  Syl 
to Elizabeth (Emmons)  Foster
Jan 24 1875
From  PAUL,  Lizzie and Marilal
to family 
ol07 from   PAUL,  Marial (Adamson)
to   Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson
Jun 21, mid-1870's 
ol08 from   PAUL,  Marial  (Adamson)
to  Rebecca  Cracraft-Adamson
Jan 28, 1880
ol09 from   PAUL, Marial (Adamson)
to Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson
ol10 f rom   PAUL,  Lizzie
to grandmother Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson
Jan 10 1882
ol11 from  PAUL, Lizzie
to grandmother, Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson
 Jul 16, 1883
ol12 from  PAUL, Lizzie
to   grandmother,  Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson
April the 9 1885
ol13 from   PAUL, Lizzie
to  Uncle Steve Adamson
Aug 2, 1892
ol03 from Wilkerson,   Elisha F and Lucinda J
to     William and Martha Wilkerson
27 Dec 1886
ol54 Singleterry, Mary Aneline

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