Wayne County

1865 State Census

Abstracted, proofread, copyright owner, and submitted by Dana Hill

This page was abstracted, submitted, and is copyright by one of our county's volunteer, Dana Hill. She also transcribed and proof read the data from a faded and hard to read microfilm to read on a microfiche machine. Thank you Dana!

Dana wrote:
The middle of each page on the microfilm was faded, making some of the names almost impossible to read, and I don't know enough about names in Wayne County to decipher some of them.

Also please note that the total number of persons in the household does not always add up correctly, but I transcribed them as they were.  Plus, not all of the columns had entries.  I left them blank.  (note from Dianna:  I filled the blank field with a zero).

The Wayne County census is displayed  in 3 sections

 The Beginning of the census
The Grand Totals per Township
The 1865 Census indexes of Surnames and complete pages

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