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(Q268)   14  Aug 2007 - Ruth A. Howe


Looking for any info on James C  and Mary Florence (Pennington) Howe, children: Edd Howe,Lluella Howe, Frank Howe,  Will C Howe, Dellie R Howe, Joshua Howe, Clarence Howe

Looking for marriage record, etc. any help greatly appreciated
thank you Ruth

(Q267)   11  Feb 2006 - Roxie Wheeler


BERRY family
Joseph Smith BERRY  - have census records from 1840 to 1880 on him
1st wife Elizabeth Margaret CAMPBELL - have 1850 and 1860 census records for her
children John Preston BERRY - have 1860 to 1910 census records on him
            William Pierce BERRY - have 1860 to 1900 and 1920 census on him
  *******Mariah (BERRY) *MANSFIELD - have 1860 to 1880 census for her and 1892 married
            Rebecca Jane (BERRY) DAVIDSON - have 1860 to 1930 census on her.

2nd wife Angeline MCKNIGHT
children Mary Margaret (BERRY) FILES - have 1870 to 1930 census on her
            James Edmondson BERRY - have 1870 to 1920 census on him
            David D BERRY - have 1870 to 1920 census on him
            Caleb BERRY - have 1880 census on him
            Daniel F. BERRY - have 1880 census on him
            Augusta (BERRY) COLEMAN?, SANDERS? - have 1880 census on her
            Aimey (BERRY) WHITING? - have 1880 and 1900 census on her

******Mariah BERRY married Granville MANSFIELD July 7, 1892 in Wayne Co., IL
       The Wayne County Illinois Reserve Militia lists a G. D. Mansfield from Barnhill township, he reported Aug 9, 1862 and Jul 21, 1863 ~ this is my Granville's father.  Am having trouble  finding Granville and Mariah after they married in 1892.

Note: Granville's parents were Granville David Mansfield and Margaret Davenport, both born in Kentucky (probably the Logan  or Montgomery County) Granville had a brother Jesse Curtis
Mansfield who was in Wayne County, Illinois in 1870, 1880 and 1900.

Anyone out there know anything about Granville MANSFIELD? He was born about 1862 in Illinois, according to the 1870 census of Barnhill, Wayne County, Illinois.

Mariah BERRY was a midget and I believe Granville MANSFIELD was also a very little man.

Anyone out there know anything about Granville MANSFIELD? He was born about 1862 in Illinois, according to the 1870 census of Barnhill, Wayne County, Illinois.


Roxie Wheeler.
My great-great grandmother is Rebecca Jane (BERRY) DAVIDSON

(Q266)   14  Sep 2005 - Ron Clevenger


DESCENDANTS  William Clevenger, who emigrated from Harrison County, VA (WV) to Wayne County, IL, in the 1820's.

(Q265)   06  Sep 2005 - Viola Seward


I am researching the  STRAIGHT in Wayne Co., IL.  They came to Wayne county from Stuben County,N.Y. in ca 1860.

(Q264)   1  Apr  2005
Jim Wilson


Researching the WILSON line,  I have along line of Wilsons around Barnhill.

(Q263)   30  Mar  2005
George White


TURNEY- Searching for other descendents of Michael, Dr. Daniel or
L.J. Sharpe TURNEY.

(Q262)   27  Jan  2005
Jeanne Delaney


Richard McClure came to Wayne County possibly around 1865 (there is a "Mac" McClure in the Illinois 1865 census who might be him). According to my mother he, as well as his father, was from somewhere in ennsylvania; he was Presbyterian; he studied the ministry at Waynesburg College in Greene Co., PA, but was never ordained and never preached.  He emigrated at an unknown date to Sangamon, Illinois (he
shows up as a teacher in the 1862-1863 military census for Sangamon County) where he was a teacher.

Richard is recorded as the Town Clerk of Enterprise in 1866-67 and in 1869 (from the 1894 book, History of Wayne County). My mother says that he was the Superintendent of Wayne County schools at some point.

He married Sarah Jane Campbell, daughter of Moses Campbell of Wayne County.  There is a marriage record for a Richard McClure and Sarah Jane Campbell for October of 1861 in Sangamon County. Sarah had an Uncle Joseph Campbell who lived in the township adjoining the one Richard lived in. Sarah's brother, Alexander Anderson Campbell, jr., lived with his Uncle Joseph awhile. Sarah, however, never shows up on the census there.

They had three children: Alice Jeannette  born 25 February 1860 (more than a year previous to the marriage record I found) who married Conrad Kern; Ida May who married John Schroeder; and Sarah who married Lafayette Yocum.

After the 1875 death of his wife, Sarah,  Richard married in 1876 Delilah "Lynn" Boon, daughter of Jacob Snyder Boon (another brickwall) and Margaret Warsing who were in Wayne County by 1850 from Bedford County, PA.

Richard and Delilah had six children: Jennie Irene who married first Clifford Brown; George Alexander who never married and who is buried in the same Laird Cemetery in Enterprise as his father; Ernest F. who never married; Lafayette who never married; Lucy who married an Owen or Owens; and Mary "Mae" Samantha - the baby of the family born in 1894 and my grandmother- who was brought up by Charles and Mary Towsley in Rinard and who married Berton McDonald Vaughn, son of Newton Vaughn and Huldah Anderson Vaughn, divorced him, and then married Allen Elijah Davis of Flora, Illinois

Only three children remained in the area: Alice Kern, who lived at Cisne, Lucy Owen, who at some time moved to Louisville, and my grandmother, "Mae" who lived in Flora, Illinois.


(Q261)   05  Feb  2003 -
Joan Addison


They lived near Rinard, Wayne Co., IL.  I have submitted some photos for the Bunker Hill Cemetery of this family.  Other family names that the POTTERS married, were YOCKLEY and COOK.

(Q260)   05  Feb  2003
Angela Hughey-Wright


The names I am looking for is  James Henry Wright born 1839 and died July 7, 1919   His wife Libbie or Elizabeth( Zimmerman ) Wright born 1862 and died April 8, 1937.

That is about as far as I have gotten I am stuck right here.  I think that maybe Henry Zimmerman is Libbie's father I am not for sure.    But those are my surnames right now type it up however you like I am not to good at this!

I already made copies of the Fairfield gleanings and found out that James H. Wright married Libbie in Dec 1879.  And I learned that He had a first wife of Rosanna Bell.  They had a daughter Pheybe born abt 1873.   Dated on april 8 1937.

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