Wayne County

1927 Graduates - 50 Year Class Reunion

No Reports From These People

Transcribed and submitted by Janis S. (Jones) Hendrick

Christy Beiswenger married Mary Book. They have no children. He retired from driving Standard Oil Co., delivery truck, after many years. He still flies his private plane.

Clyde Pifer.He retired from Air Force prior to 1965 Reunion. He lives on a small irrigated farm 26 miles south of San Antonio, Texas. He has one son, Clyde Ray Pifer.

Dale Porter. He lives alone on the old home place. He farmed and took care of his parents as long as they lived.

George Whetstone, according to his letter in the Pink Press, retired from Delco-Remy Division of GM, Anderson, Indiana in 1968, with 40 years service at age 60. He is married to Margaret Rich. They have no children. They spend the summers in Lapel, Ind., and the winters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Katie F. Gray, according to her letter in the Pink Press, retired December 31, 1971 to care for her sister who was in poor health. They moved from St. Louis, where they lived 45 years, to Pea Ridge, Ark. Her sister has passed away, but Katie still lives there.

Fay Moore-Fahler. She is married to Bob Fahler. They have no children. She worked as Sales lady and manager at one time in a variety store in Flora. They have retired and enjoy camping.

Margaret Creighton-Harrison. She married Jim Harrison, has a son, Jimmy. Says she is just a housewife.

Vada McAtee-Lasley lives with her husband, Harvey Lasley. They have no children.

Frieda Williamson-Brandon. She married Russell Brandon and for 20 years they lived in Chicago area, where their two daughters were born. Her husband was then transferred to New Jersey. Last report, her husband had passed away and she had built a new home in Decatur and living there to be near her youngest daughter. She has three grandchildren. She likes to play duplicate bridge, read, and travel.

Golda Tyler-Nafziger. In Chicago, Golda met and married Roy Nafziger. Their son was born in 1941. In 1949 they moved to New Jersey where they still live. No later report.

Vernette Johnson-Miller. Soon after graduation she married Oscar Miller. They had three children; two sons and a daughter. At last report there were five grandchildren and two step-grandchildren. They moved from Fairfield to Dexter, Mo., where her husband operated a Western Auto Store for 23 years. He had retired in 1962 and has since passed away. In 1965 Vernette was traveling for FACT Inc. as assistant to the District Manager.  No later report.

Roy Owen. Roy and his wife, Evelyn live in Evansville at the same address as when we met in 1962. He worked with General Electric for several years until 1955. He then had his own company and was president of it. It was called the TRI-STATE CO. They had one son and an adopted granddaughter at last report. Roy presented us with a red and black souvenir pen at our first reunion. No later report.

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