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1903 Fairfield Students

This edition of the Wayne County Press contained a two-page spread of the Fairfield Commencement. Below are listed students by grade - high school followed by grammer school, students who received "diplomas for faithful attendance and punctuality", Fairfield teachers, and the Board of Education. There were some wonderful pictures but the microfiche reader printed out pictures that were of such poor quality they could not be used.

Note, the names are as printed in the paper and not in alphabetical order.

Wayne County Press
21 May 1903


High School Class of 1903

Anna McCown
Louise McCracken
Edna Newman
Vernette Schaeffer
Grace Stinson

High School Class of 1904

Carl Carson
Bessie Carter
Bernice Hollon
Kate Jessop
Allan Johnson
Grace Kramer
Kate Kramer
Mayme Mabry
Cecil Maxey
Karl Rush
Dwight Tromly
Bessie White

High School Class of 1905

Sylvester Antrim
Mabel Cox
Mary Dickey
Ida Forney
Pearl Foster
Annie Griffin
Lute Hall
Neil Johns
Estell Keen
Diet Knodell
Flo McCown
Gertie Miller
Alex Rankin
Emily Rice
Omar Wicklin
Harvey Wright

Grammer School Graduates

June Baker
Chloe Biggers
Robt. Bonham
Grover Calvin
Clara Day,
Dale Dwyer
Florence Felix
Lem Hill
Naomi Hoffee
Guy Luster
Helen Norris
Willena Pitner
Ozella Roger
Gene Reinhard
Ethel Sims
Edna Vernon
Nettie Wilson
Mabel Zimmerman
Chas. McCullough
Allan Stinson
James Miller

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