Wayne County


Transcribed, copyright, and submitted by:
Mary Ann Burrows

Mary wrote:
I am interested because my Gr Grandfather, Grandmother and Great Aunts were all teachers in the area.  Probably near Zif as that is where they lived.  Courtland D Slow  and more family are buried in the Zif Cemetery.  The Zif cemetery came out of their land holding. My grandmother, Minnie Frances Slow, graduated from the Normal school in Fairfield in 1896.  Vilola Slow(Iva) taught in that area also.

The following two pages I did early in my research and wasn't very careful in documentation.  There are teachers under Miscellaneous (?) too.

The first list of teachers was at each of these schools:
Fairfield, Merriam, Boysleston, Barnhill, Keenville, Burnt Prairie, Wayne City, Golden Gate, Long Prairie, Six Mile, Mt. Erie, Rinard, Zif, Enterprise, Zenith,Orchardville, Johnsonville, Cisne, Jeffersonville, Sims, Mayberry, Pin Oak, Xenia, Belle Prairie Home, Ellery.

The next list I found on  a microfilm containing the Wayne County Press, at the Fairfield Library, and is a list of all the teachers in 1896 but the complete article could not be read.  Therefore, only what could be read is transcribed.

Teachers and Townships a list townships and its teachers
Teachers’ Institute, 1896 a list of all the teachers in Wayne County in 1896

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