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HEADLINES FIRE!!! The court house fire 1886 
  The Hanging an innocent man was hung here!
  Shelton  Gang various articles about them
  The First Automobile owned by John & son, Jacob
  UFO - Wayne City - 1963 chasing Austin boy
  Cemetery - 81st Anniversery (German) Evangelical Cemetery
POLITICAL Early Grand Jury written 1917 - some sketches
  Grand Jury - 1877 Sketches of members
  Legislators - 1874 Personal Sktches - June, 1874
  Petit Jury-1877 Sketches of the 12 men March, 1877
MISCELLANIOUS Candee's Tidbits of people related, died, married & more
Church Olive Branch & a person's memories
Migrations people moving away together
  Society News clippings of anniversaries, birthdays, & more
  Letters 2 Editor written by various readers
  Years Ago weekly column-50, 35, 25, 10 yrs ago
Psychiatric Hospital residence in the State Hospital


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