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The History of Wayne and Clay County - by William Henry Perrin, published in 1884 is the earliest known history book including biographies of families in this county.

A project was completed to transcribe all the bios and most of the history pages as well and are posted on this website. The book is also now available online and free so you can view it online or download in PDF format for you to use and pass on to your descendants.

History of Wayne and Clay counties, IL- 1884 "the first book"  and everyone talks about and transcriptions of most parts of Wayne county can be found here.
History of Wayne and Clay counties, IL -1884 the PDF version you can download or read online but it does take awhile to download the book (contains 700 pages)
Leech Township complete ... 
from the beginning, the history as it grew
Good Old Days Written by members of the Old Timers
Bios - 1912 History From George Washington Smith, M. A.

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