A trip to a country or remote country cemetery

Visit the cemetery at least 24 hours before you go.

Look over the environment (tall weed, brush)  you have to walk through to get to the stones.

Summer Tips
1)  wear light loose blouses/shirts
2)  light long pants
3)   heavy sole and high top boots that can 'rough it'
4)  several heavy rubber bands
      Note:  put pants over the top of the high top boots and put a heavy rubber band over the top of the cuff on each leg to prevent snake bites and ticks
5)  garden gloves & disposable gloves
6)  large brim hat on sunny days
7)  knitted cap for cold days

Taking Photos
1)  Charged camera & all equipment
2)  go on a cloudy day to take photos
3)  umbrella - shade for the stone and for you

Posion Ivy - Oak
1)  plastic bag - put your hand inside to touch vine
2)  disposable gloves (dispose gloves properly)

Bugs - Snakes
1)  flying bugs do not like lemon
2) crawling bugs do not like peppermint
Spray the area with either/both of above - lemon juices and peppermint mouth wash, largest bottles possible from $$ Store is cheapest
3)  Ortho bug spray (more $$$ but works best
4)  spray bug spray in the face of snake - will numb them abt. 15 min.

Mold, Mildew, dirt on the stones
1)  cardboard to scrape off as much as possible
2)  soft white rag/cloth (white does not have dye chemicals & will not damage stone yrs. later
3)  very soft brush
4)  lightly spray water - leave a few minutes and wipe/rub off with white rag
note:  do not use chemicals (bleach or soap will damage the stones)

Reading the inscriptions
1)  "carpenter's blue or yellow chalk & eraser - put chalk on eraser and pat on stone
2)  washable marker - trace lightly around the letters/numbers
3)  1 gal. sprayer

1) spade - shovel and clippers to cut thick bushes/vines - to dig as needed
2)  garden tools
3)  portable weed eater
4)  rake - clean the area
5)   large trash bag (put trimmings in & take with you to throw away)

Other Items
1)  first aid kit
2)  pocket knife
3)  water to drink
4)  1 gal sprayer
5)   wet wipes or baby wipes
6)   zip-loc/small baggie (for small throw aways item)