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Submitted by Dianna Williams

Source:  Poetry of Friends, by Arthur and Hannah Renshaw, and Elizabeth AnnMarie Fisher

When I was working on the obituaries, I came across Arthur C. Renshaw.  It stated he was a poet and had published his poems.  To make a long story very short, I met his lovely daughter, Llinda.  She gave me a copy of a booklet and permission to display this booklet on this site.

In the booklet there are poems that were also written and published by Hannah Renshaw and Elizabeth AnnMarie Fisher.

Thank you Linda for letting me post some of this booklet on this site!

Dianna Williams


There is a drive that exists in writers that could be creative or cathartic. Its origin is never clear. The only surety is its existence.

This effort is dedicated to all unpublished and unsung writers and to all who understand.

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