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(Q79)  10 Jun 1997 - Ina Hart Trabant

Surnames: FARLEY

FARLEY in Mt.Erie 1818.  I am looking for a family of George FARLEY, b. in IN, and wife Jane, b. in IL, and their dau. (my great grandmother) Nancy L., b. 10 May 1862 in Mt.Erie, IL, and any possible other children.  Thanks.

(Q78)  9 Jun 1997 - Viola Seward


I am trying to find any and all the info. I can find on the William MACK family.  William, b. 18 Nov 1817 in PA; went to NY and m. 20 Mar 1842 to Sarah (Sally) STRAIGHT; had dau. Fanny Amanda, b. 17 Feb 1843, m. Charles TOWNSLEY; moved back to PA; had Mary Elizabeth, b. 15 Sep 1853, m. Jesse James MORRISON; Richard Charles, b. and d. 1855; and Ella Maria, b. 1 Nov 1856, m. Abraham MEYERS.  The MACK's lived in Wayne Co., then moved to Bureau Co.  William d. 25 Jan 1861 in Bureau Co.  His wife Sarah d. the next year, leaving Ella Maria, a very young girl.  Which sister took her in?  Thank you.  A gggreat-granddaughter of William MACK.

(Q77)  7 Jun 1997 - Kay Bradley + Homepage


Searching for info. on Joseph GARLAND and John LANE who are enumerated on the 1830 Wayne Co., IL census.  Are these the GARLAND and LANE families who show up in St.Francis Co., AR in 1840??  Matilda LANE, b. 1811 in IL, m. Joseph GARLAND.  Any tidbit of info. appreciated and happy to share data.

(Q76)  4 Jun 1997 - Sharon Kelley + Homepage


Seeking any info. about this family:  Jared MICHAEL m. Ruth SHOEMAKE.  They lived in Wayne Co. from 1851 to about 1865, and some of their children lived there after 1865.  Their children: Daniel, Mary Ann, John, Nancy, Jared Wesley, Elizabeth, Philip and William.  Thank you!

(Q75)  31 May 1997 - Catherine Travers Fox


I am interested in obtaining info. about Charles, James, and Joseph TRAVERS (TRAVIS).  Charles lived in White Co., IL in the late 1830's and d. sometime between 1840 and 1850.  His sons were Thomas and James that I am aware of.  I would be interested in all info. possible.

(Q74)  29 May 1997 - Janice Staples


John M. CORRY was b. 1808 in VA.  He was first recorded in the census of 1840 and then was married to a woman who was born between 1815 and 1820, they had a son, who was less than five years old at the time.  In 1844, he married Minerva, he was a farmer and had a very good farm in Brush Creek.  In 1870, his farm was valued at $13,000.  Minerva was a midwife who assisted in a lot of births in that area.  She loved to go fishing and would sit all day whether she was catching anything or not.  She was very strait laced and liked everything done her way.  Thanks to Irene Forth who gave me these thoughts on our family.
John W. CORRY was in Spanish American War.  He was born and reared on a farm in Wayne Co., IL.  He was a sawyer, a saw mill man, but the census of 1880 listed him as a farmer.  As a young man he was strong and able-bodied, but in later years he suffered from ailments that he got in the war.  He was enrolled in Co. M., 9th IL Volunteer Infantry on Jun 28, 1898 at Springfield.  This was about two months after the U.S. declared war on Spain.  He was a private.  In 1899, he returned to the states and on board ship, he contracted articular rheumatism, suffering pain and swelling in both legs.  When the ship arrived in the states, the men were quartined for 5 days on the island of Daufuskie, SC.  He mustered out May 20, 1899 and returned home to Xenia.  He suffered from kidney trouble and developed t.b.  John had   one of  the first old Edison phonographs and people would come from miles to hear it play.  All the kids could play an instrument.  His granddaughter's job was to keep the flies off the food with a big hickory limb.  The men would eat first, then the women and the kids.  The old CORRY place was south of Xenia about 4 miles.  It was made of clapboards and rough lumber, had cracks that had to be filled with rags and papers to keep out the cold.  There were no screens at the doors or windows.  Having only three rooms, the kids would sleep on pallets on the floor.  This account given to me by Irene Forth.

(Q73)  29 May 1997 - Janice Staples


Edward SILVEY, b. Dec 25, 1886 in Wayne Co., d. Nov 22, 1965 in Iuka.  Parents were Alex SILVEY and Nancy Jane SUTHERLAND, grandparents were George W. SILVEY and Melissa ROSS.  Edward m. Ora Catherine CORRY, b. Apr 5, 1884 in Xenia, d. Oct 24, 1965.  Ora's parents were John W. CORRY, b. Feb 23, 1860, d. Aug 23, 1924 in Flora, and Angie HOLMAN, b. in IL, d. May, 1924 in Clay Co.  John's parents were John M. CORRY, b. 1808 in VA and Minerva RHODES, b. 1829 in TN.  Angie's parents were Edward HOLMAN, b. 1825 in IN, m. 1847 to Martha JORDAN, b. 1827.
George's mother was a widow she sent him west to learn a trade.  He was a farmer and then a teacher.  He was working his way west when he met and fell in love with one of his pupils, Melissa ROSS, a redhead whose hair never turned gray.  They had a cook camp when the Band O was being built and cooked as far as Charlie Brown park in Flora, then they had a falling out with the crew and moved to a farm in Brush Creek, south of Xenia.  This was about 1859.  Sometime before this, when he was still in PA, he was learning to be a cooper, one who makes barrels and casks.  Here he got into a fight with one of the boss's sons who got his eye cut out so bad that he died.  George and Melissa were thought to have been buried at Harrell Cem. as this was close to where they lived.  George's biggest swear word was ''hell, shot a fox'', and Melissa would come back with "did he kill it, pa; did he kill it?"  They had a fence around the large garden and down the fence row there were several little babies buried.  This account was given me by Irene Forth, who was very interested in her family.

(Q72)  23 May 1997 - Diana L. Granger


Seeking confirmation that Frank GRANGER resided in Wayne Co. and m. there Sep 1, 1881.  I am also seeking info. on the bride's family.  The bride is Linnie Belle HOLLIS, b. Jul 1, 1864 in Edgewood, IL.  I would appreciate any info. on these two families.

(Q71)  21 May 1997 - Eddie Schimelpfening


Isom SHELTON, b. 1820, m. in Wayne Co., IL to Violey Ann ?.  Children: Mary, b. 1842; Emily E., b. 1844; Phoebe, b. 1846; Marion, b. 1848; Jasper, b. 1850; and Sally, b. 1855.
John N. THOMAS, b. 1846 in IL, m. Emily SHELTON, b. 1844.  Children: James Jessey, b. 1866; Leander Newton, b. 1868; Mary E., b. 1870; Ora Ann, b. 1872; William Isom, b. 1875, Benjamin, b. 1877; John Curtis, b. 1879; Margaret Hewtrice, b. 1882; and Oscar, b. 1884.

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