Wayne County

1896 Teachers Institute

Furnished by B. F. THOMAS

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Mary sent me an image file from a newspaper article she found. Peg Jones transcribed that file to a text file so we can have it here. Thank you Mary and Peg! - Dianna Williams

The Institute opened monday morning with an enrollment of one hundred and fifty-four. Owing to the time of the Institute and the extremely hot weather, this enrollment is very flattering, not only to the County Superintendent, and Instructors but also to the teaching profession.

The abundance of ice-water and the Japanese fans which were furnished free by our obliging druggist Newton Keen, have added greatly to our comfort in keeping cool.

Gertrude Dickey Ida Elsey
Ruth Skelton Grace McDannel
Minnie Hawk Effie Beck
Verna La Dow  Bettie Tanner
Maud Butler  W L Grubb
F G Bobbett J F Samford
F D McKittrick Ida Smith
Mary Coulson  Vernice Tucker
Annie Limpert Lela Bing
T M Dickey Robert Pifer
Mack Harris Paul Cline
E A Ring  W C Matthews
Zenas Zimmerman Orville Boswell
Charles Resler E T Shaffer
Alice M Clark  Mary M Creighton
Emma McLin  Ella Cochrane
Mary E. King Annie Dixon
Ida Ellis Martha Branson
B F Thomas Minnie Branson
J D Carter Chas. Logan
J F McDannel J E Curry
Fred Dye E E Harbert
W T Walters J B Cabe
E M Cates Mrs. E M Cates
Wm Freshwater J A Stinson
G T Beck J L Matthews
E F Newman J J Lloyd
J H Matthews F McKittrick
Cora Nichols Milton O Deem
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