Wayne County Press
June 4, 1874


The chairman, Mr. Jos. B. Scudamore, of Four Miles, was born in Gallatin County of this state.  At the age of fourteen he met with serious misfortune —  his parents moving to Hamilton County.  Here he resided until about six years since.  Mr. Scudamore is a farmer and stock dealer, and in his younger days taught school and merchandised for a short time.  He is an old member of the court and enters upon the duties of the chair in a way that indicates that he will prove a competent presiding officer.

Dr. W. H. Kelso, the member from Hickory Hill, is serving his first term.  He is a native of Indiana and resided in Wayne County for 7 years.  He is a sucessful practicing physician but carries on a farm at the same time. Dr. Kelso was one of the original workers in the Farmers Movement in our country and has contributed much to it present strength and importance.

N. Sidwell, representing the prosperous township of LaMard, was originally a Buckeye, but has lived in Illinois long enough to learn to grow bigger wheat and more of it to the acre than any other prairie farmer has sent statistics to the Press.  Siriwdll will not do as much as his predecessor, but will make a better member.

Everybody knows Wm. Shaeffer of Barnhill.  He was originafly from Ohio but for many years past a resident of Wayne County.  He is at present largely engaged in the grain trade, mixed with farming and money lending.  His principal amusement as a member of the board is cutting dcwn appropriation bills. Shaeffer has proved to be a severe retrenchment man and will make a superior Supervisor if the other members of the board understand themselves and also understand Shaeffer.

James A. Paul, of Massilon, is almost univerally known by the Christian name of "Dink" -- (if that can be called a Christian name). Mr. Paul was born inVirginia-raised in Tennessee.  Has lived in Illinois thirty years, half of that time in Wabash County. He is a mighty hunter—-has killed more deer in Wayne County in the last ten years than any other half  dozen men.  He may not know so much of the legal points in the Woolard salary controversy as some other members but on wolf scalps and kindred topics he is the highest authority on the board.  Mr. Paul cannot make as good a speech as his predecessor (Judge Wilson) but will understand himself on questions that arise. "Dink" is neutraL in politics and religion.

Geo. M. Karr, is a native of Meigs County, Ohio, and has resided in Illinois since 1854.  He is a practical farmer and an active worker in the reform movement.

Francis Andrews, of Mt. Erie. was originally a Pensvlvanian and a merchant in that State for eleven years preceeding his removal to Illinois.  During his nine years residence in Wayne he has devoted his whole time to farming.

W. R. Barker, of Zif, removed toIllinois twenty-one years ago-leaving Indiana—which is a very good state to move from.  Mr. Barker has always been a farmer, and  is now serving his second year as a Supervisor.  We regret to learn that he has the Texas fever in a mild form.

Isaac Carson, of Bedford, has resided in Wayne County for many years is a successful farmer and  highly esteemed in his neighborhood.

James McLin, of Jasper, is full blooded Egyptian-was born in White County and lived in Wayne for 43 years.  Like most of his fellow Suporvisor he tills the soil and makes a good threat.  He don't know as much philosophy as Uncle Billy Borah but can make as good a speech.

Anderson Campbell, of Elm is an old resident of Wayne-is a going straight up and down man and a good farmer.

Thos Dickey, of Arrington; is a native of Georgia, but resided in North Carolina for many years.  He lived in Georgia until sometime during the rebellion--was a staunch union man--rode 300 miles to the union lines through many dangers and is now one of the honored citizens of the  centhartic township.  Mr. Dickey is  minister in the General Baptist Church and preaches a good sermon-can likewise make an excellent speech in behalf of Farmers Movement.

Joseph Burket, of Brush Creek, is an old resident of Wayne, first-rate man, an old soldier in the 48th, a successful farmer, and is a hand at rifle practice and shooting matches as his predecessor.

Ellet Wise, of Big Mound, is one of the old-fashioned kind of farmer; is an excellent citizen, and was formerly a Buckeye and a Democrat.

Leech is well represented by Wiley Hooper, a good farmer and equally good at preaching a Cumberland Presbyterian sermon.

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