The Petit Jury is a jury of 12 to determine the facts and decide the issue in civil or criminal proceedings.

Wayne Co. Press
Fairfield, IL
March 22, 1877

The Petit Jury

Lewis Behymer is a Republican, a Missionary Baptist, wants both gold and greenbacks, has never used tobacco, always opposed to the liquor traffic. He is 52 years old a native of Ohio and has lived in Zif 7 years. Is married and has 10 children.

David Berg, of Mt. Erie, came to Wayne County 16 years ago from Pennsylvania. He is now 44 years old, married the father of 8 children, a farmer, uses tobacco but opposes the liquor traffic. He is a greenback Republican and a Methodist.

John Hoobler, of Bedford, is a native of Indiana but 12 years a resident of Wayne County. He is a farmer, married, 4 children, uses tobacco and favors “Prosecuting both the consumer and dealer in spirituous liquors according to their offence.” Mr. Hoobler is a greenback Democrat and a “Free thinker” in religion.

J. E. Kennedy, aged 28 is a Hoosier by birth and has become a naturalized Sucker by 20 years residence here. He is unmarried uses tobacco, favors liquor traffic under modifications, is a greenback Democrat and holds no church membership.

Wm. Lock, of Barnhill, is 49 years of age and tries to make a living by farming is a bachelor and reports no children. Uses tobacco but not to excess and “would fine the liquor consumer when he takes too much not the seller” Favors both gold and greenbacks, is a hard-shell Baptist and a candidate for Constable.

Joseph Marvel, of Elm River is a greenback Democrat, a native of Wayne, a farmer and married. Mr. Marvel uses tobacco but opposes toddy. Has no church affiliations.

John Milner, is a Brush Creeker, who uses neither tobacco nor whiskey and is the father of 4 boys. He farms for a living, is 35 years old and is a republican that favors both gold and greenbacks.

Owen O'Malley, of Barnhill, is a native of Kentucky and has lived here 12 years. He is a farmer, married, has 3 children, uses tobacco but not whiskey and is a candidate for constable. He is a greenback Democrat and a "Free believer" in religion. Has served the people as School Director and Road Overseer

W. A. Puckett, of Barnhill, is 35 years old and has always lived in Wayne County. He is a farmer, married, has 3 children uses tobacco and is opposed to the liquor trade as at present conducted. He is a greenback Democrat with no religious preference.

Isiah Segars, is a native of Kentucky, lives in Jasper, is 41, farmer married with 5 children and is a gold currency Republican. Has lived in Wayne county 17 years.

Nathan Sidwell, Of La Mard, looks like he was 35 but records himself as ten years older. He is a Buckeye by birth but his nativity is in the dominion of Gov. Blue Jeans Williams. Mr. Sidwell has lived in Wayne County 24 years, has a good farm and knows how to run it, married and has 8 children living. He says the use of tobacco is all wrong, yet his nerves are not steady unless he has some of the stuff in his mouth. He believes in punishing both the liquor dealer and the liquor drinker in proportion of the offence. Is a greenback Independent.

J. N. Simpson, is another native of Wayne county, aged 41 farms in Bedford is a widower with 4 children. He favors strict restoration of the liquor traffic and is a greenback independent.

David Spicer, of Indian Prairie, is 56 born in Ohio lived in Wayne County 23 years, is a farmer, married, 7 children uses tobacco but not liquor. He is a greenback Republican and a General Baptist.

J. W. Vaughn, of Indian Prairie is a native of Tennessee, has lived in Wayne County 27 years and is 29 years old. He is a farmer, married 2 children, don’t use tobacco and opposed to the liquor trade. Is a Greenback Independent.

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