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Article from Peoria Journal Newspaper, written by Phil Luciano, a columnist with the Journal Star
About the gang from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Talking with folks, written by Dianna

The Shelton Gang were once the most powerful gang in Illinois, were from Wayne County.  Over the last few years  I got email from researchers asking or suggesting to put a page on this site about the Shelton Gang.  As I researched this area, I found several good web sites that told their story better than I could so that idea ended.

Slowly the Gang were killed and the question was always, "Who Killed The Sheltons?".  Recently Phil Luciano did a 2 part story to answer this question.  I called Phil and he gave me permission to post his columns here.

I am always asking people in Wayne County about the Shelton Gang.   With the memories people had, it was hard for me to believe these men was so hard and cruel.  Then I searched and found no one has ever written anything nice about them so I am adding some nice stories that I was told.

Thanks to Sue for telling me about the articles, Phil for giving me permission to post them here, and to the people of Wayne County that shared their memories or stories with me.

If anyone was told a 'I remember ..." that relates to the Shelton Gang and/or their families, please send it to share here.



Who were the Shelton Gang? Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia w/links to more
Who Killed The SheltonS?
     Part 1
     Part  2
articles from  the Peoria Journal (newspaper) 
by Phil Luciano
Another Side of Carl Little Carl's daughter shares ...
Stories people told me the 'good side' 

July 3, 2008
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