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Source:  Pension files, cemetery tombstones, Good Old Days booklet, Lois Branch, Alice Henson, and Jeanne Delaney

First, Lois, Alice, and Jeanne are not aware that I am putting them as the source for a Rev. War soldier correction, as of the date this page was created.  Without the information they had provided, the correction may not had happend.  Thanks Girls!

So before I begin, thank you Lois and Alice for your 'clues' and Jeanne for the 1840 Federal census Rev. Men receiving a pension.  Each of you helped knock down a brick wall and will be included in credit to correct this mistake!

After Sue and I got a copy of the Rev. War men buried in Wayne Co., IL, we started looking for their pension files.  We came across a few brick walls and started working to knock them down.  This page is from our results of researching.

Our first correction (and only so far)

According to the source: Revolutionary War Men Buried in IL
John Hanson is listed to serve the Rev. War and is buried in Wayne County.  We searched and Sue read all files (service, pension, and what-ever) for all John Hanson.

We could not find any proof that John Hanson ever lived, died, or was buried in Wayne County.  We did find a John Hanson that had:
"...  removed to Nebraska from IL, then removed to McLean county, Illinois...  ".

With that, we put him to the side and started searching for John Hansen.

While Sue slept days, I started the 'Good Old Days' booklet.  When I got to the 'True Indian Story', I remembered Lois Branch and her trip to the Henson cemetery.  Also, while reviewing this, I got email from Alice.  She mentioned brothers, John and Jesse Henson (not related to her husband's line) but served the Rev. War.

That night I called Sue and told her about the write up by Lois found on the Henson cemetery page and Alice's email mentioning a John Henson and his brother Jesse (both served the Rev. War).

I also mentioned a submission by Jeanne,  'men that served the war and were marked getting a pension in the 1840 Federal census'.  John Hanson was not listed but John Henson was.

Now Sue and I turned the table to focus on John Henson.  This took several hours to days, reading every file.  Then, she did her 'happy noises', when a brick was about to be loosened!!  She found a pension file for John Henson, of which mentioned his brother Jesse!

As she read, the more thrilled we were!
John Henson moved to IN.  We found him there in the 1820 Federal census.
John Henson moved to Wayne Co., IL.  We found him in 1830 and 1840 Federal censuses.  Jeanne noticed on the 1840 census and submitted his name to the list of men that were receiving a pension.
John Henson's birth and death date match submissions by Lois.
John Henson's other data match her notes.
John Henson had a brother Jesse, matches the email notes from Alice to me.

We found John!!  Ya hoo!!
As Sue was writing the abstract for his file, I was doing the article from the Press about Doris Bland researched, verified, and submitted the paper work to have 9 (out of 10) tombstones laid in the Veteran Memorial Cemetery ( "The 10 Forgotten").

Last, Sue and I agree and our opinion is:
The spelling of this soldier's name should be corrected to read John Henson, and he is buried at Henson Cemetery.

Lois, Alice, and Jeanne,  thanks to your submissions we were able to knock down the brick wall, find the pension file, able to correct the mistake, and document that John Henson is the correct soldier.

Thank you Lois, Alice, Jeanne, and Sue!!!



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