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While on the State of Illinois web site researching one of my Wayne County ancestors who had fought in the Civil War, I came across a database I had barely noticed before: The Soldiers' and Sailors' Home 1887 - 1916.  I never thought about my Civil War veteran going to a veterans' home later in life.  Another avenue for information. My nose was twitching and I found a name match! Now I was hot on my ancestor's trail and got a copy of the his  record.

After I got the record, I told Dianna about it and the information in it.  She also overlooked the value of this database and decided to start ordering the records to put here.

While she was ordering, scanning, and extracting the genealogy information, I extracted the table of the 43 men and women residents from Wayne Co., IL. to display here.

Jeanne Delaney

After I got started on this project, I shared it with the other ILGen Web Coordinaotrs and it turned into a state project for the ILGen Web site.

I tried several ways to scan this and found the best for me (being blind) was to scan the files to PDF.  You MUST have Adobe to view these files.  If you do not, below is a link to get your FREE copy.


The Hisotry of  the Soldier & Saliors Home with a photo of it
Residents List of all Wayne Co., IL Residents with links to their records in PDF format to read and/or download for your own keeps!
adobe reader download Adobe FREE to read PDF documents
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