Wayne County

1956 Honor Roll - R

Name of Veteran Cemetery
(4) (5)
Unit or
Date of Death Grave 
Grave Stone
(3) (6)
RAINWATER, Miles Egbert C Pvt Army G 19 KY Inf 26 Sep 1927         GHS
RAMSEY, Alexander Johnson C Pvt       16 Sep 1897         PHS
RANKIN, Wm. Buckeye C Capt Army D 87 ILL 14 Apr 1881         GHS
RANUS, William Edgar Bethel C Pvt Army I 38 ILL Inf 12 Jun 1927 18        
RASH, Amos Olive Branch C Pvt Army   146 Ind Inf 22 Jan 1900         PHS
RATCLIFF, Lewis Alva, Jr. Maple Hill W2 1/Lt Army   326 TC Sq AUS 17 Oct 1951 408     W.Side GHS
RAY, Edward Thomason C         1916         PHS
RAY, Thos. Laird C Cpl Army F 58 ILL Inf           GHS
REA, Patterson W. Ziff     Army F 10 ILL 1887         PHS
READ, Richard Bovee C Pvt Army H 136 ILL Inf 13 Mar 1931         GHS
REED, Jere Thomason C   Army G 143 ILL Inf           GHS
REED, Joseph Edward Cisne W2 Pfc Army Hq Sq 70, SV Gp Det A 1 Nov 1953         GHS
REED, Lafayette Mt. Erie C   Army D 120 Ind Inf 13 Oct 1889         PHS
REED, Robert G. Cisne W2 T/5 Army   1884 Engr Bn 3 Dec 1949         GHS
REEVES, Ephriam Bovee   Pvt                  
REID, Joseph C. Pitman 1812                   GHS
REID, Robley R. Gunion W1         17 Nov 1945         PHS
RENFRO, J. T. Barnhill C   Army F 97 ILL Inf   6        
REYNOLDS, Charles Wesley Maple Hill L ** A 1/c Army   26 A&E Maint Sq 30 Apr 1954 1 80 B E GHS
REYNOLDS, M. S. Wells           11 Apr 1875          
RHOADS, John Jacob Chapel C   Army B 72 Ind Inf 9 Oct 1925         GHS
RHODES, Noah Powers     Army F 1 Mo. Eng 16 Dec 1877          
RICE, Henry Maple Hill                      
RICH, Jacob Bestow C Pvt Army K 67 Ind Inf 8 May 1925         PHS
RICHARDS, Elzaphen Richards C Pvt Army C 111 ILL Inf 24 Apr 1904          
RICHARDSON, Alexander Olive Branch C Pvt Army B              
RICHARDSON, Alva Johnsonville W1 Pfc Army E Trp 1 ILL Cav 27 Apr 1945         PHS
RICHARDSON, D. S. Mt. Pleasant C Pvt Army C 111 ILL Inf 12 Jul 1902          
RICHARDSON, Edward H. Salem K Pfc Army   24 Inf Div 12 Jul 1951         GHS
RICHARDSON, Frank Olive Branch C Pvt Army G 110 ILL Inf           GHS
RICHARDSON, Leff Olive Branch C Pvt Army B   26 Feb 1910         PHS
RICHARDSON, Ralph M. Maple Hill W1 Pvt Army G 47 Inf 9 Jul 1939 1 192A     GHS
RICHARDSON, Thomas Olive Branch C Sgt Army G 40 ILL Inf           GHS
RIDER, Joseph P. Maple Hill C 1/Lt Army D 40 ILL Inf 13 Dec 1908         GHS
RINARD, Alfheous Pleasant Grove C Pvt Army E 40 ILL 7 Nov 1870         PHS
RISLEY, Henry Cariens C   Army   49 ILL Inf 4 Feb 1900         PHS
RITTER, Ross Richard Maple Hill S Cpl Army     10 Mar 1940          
ROBERTS, E. B. McKendree C Pvt Army G 18 ILL Inf. 11 May 1903         PHS
ROBERTS, Geo. W. Branch C   Army F 53 Ind           GHS
ROBERTS, Z. C. Ebenezer C Pvt Army D 87 ILL 13 Aug 1891 7        
ROBERTSON, Francis Pitman C Pvt Army I 98 ILL Inf 1 May 1881         PHS
ROBERTSON, H. B. Mt. Zion C   Army E 58 K.Y.E. Mil.           GHS
ROBERTSON, J. M. Pitman     Army F 11 Mo Inf           GHS
ROBERTSON, James H. Mateer-Davis C   Army D 2 ILL Cav 1929          
ROBERTSON, John D. Cincinnati M         1930         PHS
ROBERTSON, John D. Pin Oak C Pvt Army F 7 ILL Inf 9 Jan 1919         PHS
ROBERTSON, Newton J. Pin Oak S Pvt Army H 9 ILL Inf 10 Feb 1910         GHS
ROBERTSON, W. R. Pitman     Army I 98 ILL 17 Nov 1876         PHS
ROBINSON, Aaron Pleasant Grove C Pvt Army C 25 Ind Reg 3 Jul 1901         PHS
ROBINSON, James Maple Hill C Pvt       25 Jul 1892         PHS
ROBINSON, John Thomason W1 Wgr Army Hq 124 FA, 33 Div 31 May 1946         GHS
ROBINSON, William H. Maple Hill C QM Army   Fls Staff, 18 ILL Inf 20 Sep 1888   2 Q NW PHS
ROCHELL, John W. Bestow S Cpl Army M 30 US V Inf 19 Feb 1939          
ROGERS, James Brown C     K 113 ILL Inf 23 Oct 1878         PHS
ROGERS, Milton N. Brown C Pvt Army   87 ILL Cav 6 Jun 1916         PHS
ROGERS, Palestine Brown C Pvt Army D 87 ILL Inf 27 May 1875         PHS
ROGERS, Phillip Mt. Erie C Pvt Army D 5 ILL Cav 28 Dec 1864         PHS
ROGERS, Roy Lee Maple Hill W2 Pfc Army C 1879 Engrs 9 Sep 1945 489     Vets Mem GHS
ROGERS, Samuel Posey C Pvt Army H 56 ILL Inf 29 Mar 1870         PHS
ROSE, Jimmie Thomason           1941          
ROUNDTREE, Benjamin C. Maple Hill W2 Pfc USMC K 3 Bn, 7 USMC, 1 Div 29 Sep 1944       Vets Mem GHS
RUDOLPH, Ed Olive Branch C Pvt Army K 87 ILL Mtd Inf           GHS
RUNYON, R K Traverse C Pvt Army H 98 ILL V. Inf 23 Aug 1910         PHS
RUSH, Garvin U. Powers W1 Pfc Army C 48 Inf 8 Feb 1943         GHS
RUSH, George W. Powers C Pvt Army M 9 ILL Inf 20 Apr 1912          
RUSSEL, Jesse Vernon           9 Oct 1864          
RYAN, Hall Wick Maple Hill C Pvt Army K 38 ILL Inf            
RYAN, Hull W. Maple Hill C Pvt Army F 5 ILL Cav 31 Jan 1917         GHS

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