Wayne County

1956 Honor Roll - N

Name of Veteran Cemetery
(4) (5)
Unit or
Date of Death Grave 
Grave Stone
(3) (6)
NEAL, Francis Buckeye C Army D 13 ILL Cav GHS
NEAL, Francis M. Maple Hill C Pvt Army F 122 ILL Inf 1921 PHS
NEAVEILL, E. L. Victory C Pvt 5 Dec 1901 PHS
NEHF, John H. Johnsonville C Pvt 22 Apr 1886 PHS
NESBIT, A. R. Mt. Erie C Pvt Army D 87 ILL Inf GHS
NEVEL, E. P. Bovee --
NEWMAN, Dickey Lee Thomason K T/Cpl Army 507 AAA Opr Det 19 Mar 1954 1 AL Addn
NEWMAN, Jno N. Maple Hill C Army Confederate 1918 PHS
NEWTON, Frederick Maple Hill W1 Pvt Army D 37 Engrs 10 Jul 1954 1 2M M GHS
NEWTON, Frederick Koontz W1 Pvt Army D 37 Engrs 10 Jul 1954
NICHOLS, F. C. Bunker Hill C Pvt Army A 7 Ind Vol 6 Mar 1917 5 PHS
NICHOLSON, Thomas Guy Maple Hill W1 Pfc Army 6 Ctrl M. G. Gen Off. 19 Aug 1941 1-H
NISBET, Andrew Mt. Erie C 2/Lt Army E 40 ILL Inf 29 Jul 1911 GHS
NOLES, Robert Lowell Maple Hill
NORRIS, Greenleaf Albert Maple Hill S Cpl Army E 9 ILL Inf 8 Jul 1947 1 9 G GHS
NORRIS, J. R. Maple Hill C Army F 2 D.C. Inf 5 Aug 1886 PHS

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