HONOR  ROLL - 1956


Name of Veteran Cemetery
(4) (5)
Unit  or
Date of Death Grave
Grave Stone
(3) (6)
HAEMON, Eliyah Pleasant Grove C Pvt       22 May 1862         PHS
HALE, Albert Hale W1 AS Navy   Gt. Lakes 23 Sep 1918         PHS
HALE, C. G. Maple Hill W1         1931         PHS
HALL, Jacob Slocumb B         7 Nov 1896          
HALLAM, Howard Dale Maple Hill W2 Pvt Army I 11 Inf Regt 25 Jun 1950 1 1 C   GHS
HAMBELTON, Earl Bovee W1                    
HAMBRICK, J. W. Mt. Zion     Navy               GHS
HAMILTON, Charles D. Gunion W2 Pvt Army D 5 Cav 10 Jun 1953          
HAMILTON, Jas. Laird C Pvt Army I 98 ILL Inf            
HAMILTON, William E. Barnhill     Army D 123   9        
HAMILTON, William W. Johnsonville C Pvt Army E 152 Ohio Inf 6 Apr 1926 1 51   17 GHS
HAMMACK, James N. Maple Hill W1 Eng/SC Army M 20 Engrs 11 May 1945         GHS
HANDS, James Farnsworth C   Army A 38 V. Inf Ind Div 1 Jun 1909         GHS
HANKINS (A:Hawkins) Joe F. Bruce S Cpl Army H 28 ILL Inf 5 May 1912         GHS
HANNA, Ed. Curry     Army   87 ILL            
HANNA, Frank B. Maple Hill S QM/Sgt Army E 9 ILL V Inf 7 Sep 1931     R   PHS
HANNAFORD, John Maple Hill                      
HANSBRAUGH, John H. Trotter C   Army A 110 ILL Inf 30 Jan 1872         PHS
HANSBROUGH, Preston Mt. Zion C   Army G 50 ILL Inf           GHS
HARLAN, James D. Scottsville M         10 Nov 1862         PHS
HARLIN, Wm. E. Dickeyville R         30 Mar 1826         PHS
HARMON, David Harmon C   Army F 11 Mo Inf           GHS
HARMON, Herschel Mt. Pleasant W1 Pvt Army   310 Fld Hosp 7 Apr 1948         GHS
HARMON, Jas. M. Harmon C   Army K 61 ILL Inf           GHS
HARMON, Kinzey Pleasant Grove C Pvt Army K 11 ILL Inf           GHS
HARMON, Peter Harmon   Pvt Army H-F 11 Mo Inf 26 Jan 1865         GHS
HARPER, James Curry           23 Dec 1869          
HARPOLE, G W Maple Hill                      
HARRELL, A. Harrell           15 Oct 1880         PHS
HARRELL, John Harrell C                   GHS
HARRIS, G. M. Cincinnati C         28 Apr 1896         PHS
HARRIS, Gilliam Dickeyville C Pvt Army K 49 ILL Inf 30 Jun 1904         GHS
HARRIS, Glenn T. Oak Valley W1 Pfc Army Bat C 39 CAC 16 Jul 1933         GHS
HARRIS, Homer Y. Maple Hill W2 1/Lt Army/AAF   784 AC Bmb Sq 1 Sep 1944 483     Vets Mem GHS
HARRIS, Lennie Maple Hill W2 S/sgt Army     28 Apr 1948          
HARRIS, Thomas Oak Valley C Pvt Army E 40 ILL Reg 23 Dec 1930         PHS
HARRISON, J. P. Willow Branch C Pvt Army L 12 Ky Cav   5        
HARRISON, James Benj. Koontz W1 Pvt Army 3 326 MG Bn 2 Jan 1942          
HART, Moses Barth                     PHS
HART, William Guy Maple Hill W1 1/Lt Army   Dental Cps 5 Feb 1952 10 16 F    
HARVEY, Albert H. New Home W2 T/4 Army B 745 Tnk Bn 24 Mar 1945         GHS
HAWK, David Bestow C Pvt Army D 18 Ohio 10 Dec 1916         PHS
HAY, L. P. Thomas Prairie C 1/Lt Army D 5 ILL Cav 18 Apr 1906 6       PHS
HAYES, William Brown C     B 60 Ind            
HAYNES, Alonzo Egbert C         11 Sep 1918         PHS
HAYNES, William C. Egbert S Pvt Army H 9 ILL V. Inf 13 Jun 1937         GHS
HAYS, Edmond M. Pleasant Grove C Pvt Army A 43 Ind Inf 26 Aug 1926         PHS
HAYS, John McKendree           12 Apr 1936         PHS
HAYWARD, Robt Maple Hill                      
HEADLEE, Cecil Maple Hill W1 Pvt Army   26 Engrs 14 May 1935   120?     GHS
HEARN, Benj. H. Hearn   Capt Army D 40 ILL Reg Vet Vol 1 Sep 1869         PHS
HEARN, E. R. Hearn C   Army D 40 ILL 25 Sep 1902         PHS
HEARN, James Hearn C   Army D 40 ILL 10 Jul 1897         PHS
HEATH, Charles E. Mt. Zion S   Army H 9 ILL V. Inf 4 Jun 1925         GHS
HEDGE, Franklin Thomas Hill C Pvt Army G 27 ILL Inf 15 May 1920         GHS
HEDRICK, Samuel M. McKendree S Cook Army G 9 Regt ILL 11 Feb 1950         PHS
HEIDINGER, Jacob Ebenezer C 1/Lt Army E 22 Pa 30 Jul 1921 10       PHS
HEIDINGER, William B. Maple Hill                      
HELM, Needham Garrison Temple C Pvt Army I 48 ILL Inf 1923         GHS
HENDERSON, George Bethel C Pvt Army H 87 ILL Inf 30 Sep 1906   9      
HENDERSON, W. Union   Pvt Army A 96 ILL Inf 25 Sep 1843         PHS
HENDERSON, Wiley Pitman C Pvt Army K 61 ILL           GHS
HENDERSON, William Olive Branch C Pvt Army A 40 ILL Inf 8 Feb 1910         PHS
HENSON, James C. Maple Hill                      
HENSON, George E. Maple Hill W1 Pfc Army Hq 328 Inf 29 Apr 1953 5 24? Q   GHS
HENSON, Harlan Henson W1 Pvt Army F 121 Inf, 31 Div 30 Oct 1918         GHS
HENSON, Jesse G. Harrell C Pvt Army G 26 ILL Inf 16 Aug 1900         GHS
HERRICK, William Elmer Pin Oak W2 B/M2/C Navy   USNR 18 Jun 1951         PHS
HERST, -- Curry M                    
HICKS, Joseph McKendree       E ILL 28 Mar 1884         PHS
HIGDON, Chas T. Bruce C   Army D 5 ILL V Cav 14 Jul 1908         GHS
HILL, Allen Kirk Maple Hill W1 Sgt Army   55 Arty, CAG 10 Feb 1949 442       GHS
HILL, George W. Maple Hill C 1/Lt Army G 62 ILL Inf 1920         PHS
HILL, Henry Cisne C Pvt       1 Mar 1886         PHS
HILL, James M. Maple Hill W1 Pvt Army C 326 MG Bn 82 Div 11 May 1933         GHS
HILL, Thomas M. Cisne C Pvt Army K 11 Reg ILL Vol 27 Jan 1863         PHS
HILLARD, William Thomason W1 Pvt Army   124 Field Art 17 Oct 1918         PHS
HILLIARD, Geo. B. Cariens C         10 Sep 1887         PHS
HOAGLAND, George Maple Hill C Cpl Army K 127 ILL Inf 21 Nov 1904         PHS
HOCKING, Earl Howard Maple Hill W1 Pvt Army Hq 30 Inf, 3 [?] Div 23 Mar 1930         GHS
HODGES, Foster Floria Union W1 Pvt Army   158 TC 30 Apr 1936         GHS
HODGES, James H. Maple Hill W2 SC 3/c Navy     14 Jan 1948 1 73 G   GHS
HODGES, Robert H. Maple Hill W1 Pvt Army   12 Cas Co 6 Jan 1954 5 14 H    
HODGES, Ross A. Maple Hill                      
HODGES, T. W. Union C Pvt       26 Jul 1912         PHS
HOFFEE, Robert Brown C Pvt Army D 87 ILL Inf 17 Apr 1901         PHS
HOLDREN, Riley Brown C Pvt       27 Sep 1889         PHS
HOLLEMAN, William B. Jacob Chapel C Lt Army C 111 ILL Inf 29 Aug 1889         PHS
HOLLER, J. W. Mt. Pleasant C Pvt Army C 111 ILL Inf           GHS
HOLLER, James H. Mt. Pleasant C Pvt Army I 48 ILL Inf 5 Oct 1865         GHS
HOLLER, Wm. R. Mt. Pleasant C Pvt Army C 111 ILL Inf 8 Feb 1863         GHS
HOLLOWAY, William, Jr. Jacob Chapel C Pvt Army C 111 ILL Inf 3 Nov 1923         GHS
HOLMAN, Amos Maple Hill C Pvt Army I 63 ILL Inf 12 Aug 1914         PHS
HOLMAN, David Wells C Pvt Army D 5 ILL Cav            
HOLMAN, Enoch A. Mt. Zion C   Army   31 Reg ILL Vol 22 Feb 1890         PHS
HOLMAN, Gilbert L. Powers C Pvt       1928          
HOLMAN, Phillip Wells C Pvt       31 Dec 1867          
HOLMES, David Scott C Pvt Army E 40 ILL V.I. 23 Jun 1905         PHS
HOLMES, Edward D. Scott W1 Pvt Army   15 Div, ILL. 11 Jun 1947         GHS
HOLMES, Elias Johnsonville M   Army I 48 ILL Inf 7 Apr 1862         PHS
HOLMES, John B. Maple Hill                      
HOLMES, Milton Brown   Pvt Army E 40 ILL Inf 16 Jan 1929         PHS
HOLMES, Oliver Maple Hill C Cpl army D 87 ILL Inf 23 Dec 1907         PHS
HOLMS, Frank Maple Hill S Pvt Army E 9 ILL Inf 8 May 1909         GHS
HOLMS, John Maple Hill                      
HOLT, Charles Powers C Pvt Army   Ind Inf            
HOOD, Andrew Maple Hill                      
HOOPER, Joseph Union C         20 Mar 1889          
HOOVER, David Harrell C Pvt Army C 111 ILL Inf 14 May 1908         GHS
HOPKINS, Clint Olive Branch C Capt Army   40 ILL Inf           GHS
HOPKINS, John F. S. Thomason C   Army G 40 ILL Inf 10 Sep 1898         GHS
HOTTINGER, Harve Martin Creek         Penn.            
HOUK, Lawrence E. Maple Hill W2 Pvt Army A 791 Hwy Ops Bn TC 21 May 1944 443       GHS
HOUT, John J. Johnson   Pvt Army H 97 Ind Inf           GHS
HOWARD, James W. Mt. Zion C   Army D 13 ILL Cav 25 Aug 1892         PHS
HOWARD, Joseph T. Mt. Zion C         24 Sep 1907         PHS
HOWARD, William Shaffer C Pvt       12 May 1910         PHS
HUBBARD, James Buckeye C   Army M&D 5 ILL Cav, 87 Inf 5 Jul 1863         PHS
HUFMAN, Nathan Buckeye C Pvt Army C 25 Ind 31 Dec 1895         PHS
HULL, Joseph Wells C Pvt Army D 17 Ind Inf 30 Jul 1862          
HUMFREY, Wm. A. Unknown C Pvt Army K 112 ILL Inf 19 Feb 1917          
HUMPHREYS, Charles Mt. Pleasant C Pvt Army I 6 ILL Cav           GHS
HUNSINGER, Delmar Maple Hill W2 S/sgt Army   117 Inf 2 Aug 1944 526       GHS
HUNT, James B. Olive Branch W2 T/5 Army E 904 FAC, 79 Div 22 Jul 1944         PHS
HUNTER, Geo. Slocumb C Pvt Army   87 ILL 3 Feb 1883          
HUNTER, John Johnsonville                      
HUSSELTON, Harry Bovee W1 Pvt       17 Mar 1927          
HUSSELTON, Samuel Ziff C Pvt Army E 40 ILL Inf 12 Jan 1895         PHS
HUTCHENS, Arthur J. Curry     Army   Ind Reg            
HUTSON, James F. C. Pleasant Hill C Pvt Army G 111 ILL Inf 7 Dec 1900         GHS

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