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Source:  Wayne county newspapers on microfilm

These are notices from the newspapers of men that were killed or died from injuries while serving a Wayne County Union Army during the Civil War.

This was posted for about 2 weeks on the 'old site' Nov., 2004.  Then it  got lost in the moves of new sites and new computers.  Novw, 4 yrs later, it is back to stay.

When Tia came to stay with me during 2004, we went to a library to read the microfilms.  We started out finishing vital announcements but came across these death notices of our Civil War Boys.   She read and I typed, now you get to see it all.

Thanks Tia!


Dianna and Tia

Prairie Pioneer
February 27, 1862

Through the politness of Sergt. Fitzerrel we received the following list of killed and wounded, in the battle of of the 15th inst.  George Pickering, Jacob Powell,  Nathanial Putman and Wm. R. Thompson were killed in action.  George W. Powell, Marcus R. St. John and John H. Gallant died the 17th inst., of wounds received.

Prairie Pioneer
April 17, 1862

List of the killed of Co. D 40th Reg., Samuel Hooper, Captain:  Capt. Samuel Hooper, Adam Files, Wm. Newby, E. H. Willett, J. M. Watkins, Geo. Gray, John Bemeer, G. H. Baird.

List of killed of Co. E, D. N. Ulm, Captain:  C. W. Windlam, W. W. Eckman, Wm. Ward, J. C. Potterfield, John Spitler, B. F. Shior, F. M. Miller, James Mays, F. Stanley.

Killed of Co. G, ---- Scott, Captain:  C. C. Hoskins, Jr., D. W. Proudfoot, Wm. S. Harlin, G. W. Harlan, Jas. C. Lee, Thos. J. Johnson, W. F. Johnson, J. M. Smith,

Killed of Co., I, 48th Reg., A. T. Galbraith, Captain:  Lieut. E. Holmes, Robt. harley, T. B. Lee.

Prairie Pioneer
July 17, 1862

We are sorry to chronicle the death of Robt. Campbell of the 18th Ills. Vols.  After a lingering and  painful inllness he departed this life on Sunday last, the 13th inst.,  at the resident of his father, Alex Campbell.

Prairie Pioneer
March 12, 1963

List of deceased Illinois Soldiers who have died in Hospital at St. Louis, from Feb. 27, to March 4, 1863:

Feb. 27,  Wm. Bond, Co. E, 55 Ills.
Feb. 28,  Thos. Oliver, Co. H, 6 Con.
Feb 28,  Chas. Belt, Corp., Co. C, 97 Ills.
Feb. 28, Samuel Jacobs, Co. D, 62 Ills
Feb. 28, A. J. Dunlap,  Co. E, 77 Ills
Mar.  1,  T. W. Donnelly, Co. H, 116 Ills.
Mar.  1,   Jas. T. Squires, Co. A, 97 Ills.
Mar.  2,  Jas. M. King,  Co. K, 77 Ills.
Mar. 2, John Plasters, Co A, 62 Ills
Mar.  3, Owen M Grand,  Co. Unknown
Mar. 3,  W. R. McIntosh,  Co. B, 1 Ills Ar'tly.
Mar.  4,Thos. Wood,  Co. K, 131 Ills.
Mar.,  4, H. Shinnemom, Co. I, 116 Ills.

Praire Pioneer
June 16, 1863

The funeral services of George W. and Jacob Powell, who fell at the siege of Ft. Donelson, will be held at Union school-house on the 1st Sunday in July next.

War Democrat
January 21, 1864

DIED at the resident of his brother, in Indian Prairie, in this county on the 15th inst, from a wound received  at the battle of Chickamauga, on the 19th of September last, Capt. A. George, Co. G, 21st Reg't Ills. Volunters.
(leaves wife and 3 children)

War Democrat
February 18, 1864

DIED. - Wm. H.  Haines, of Co. D, 87th Reg. Ills. Vols, of Camp disease, at the U. S. Marine General Hospital, New Orleans, La., Jan. 4, 1864.

The deceased was born in this county, March 9, 1864 and joined the 87th Ills. April 13, 1864.  He was the only brother of Cpt. Dan Haynes, of the 18th Ills. and the youngest member of his family.  He was an affectionate son and brother and his aged parents have in this their deep  affliction, the heartfelt sympathies of their neighbors and friends.

At first when Tia read the dates she thought she had her contacts in the wrong eyes.  We laughed but, the dates and brother's last name are as written in the paper.

War Democrate
March 24, 1864

Tia had trouble read this.  The only thing she could make out is written with "..." in-between.

It is with much pain that we notice the death of Mr. Maxey, one of the gallant 48th boys ...The mother of the d..... widow ... Johnsonville, of this county.  She has sent SEVEN sons to the army and only two .... living.

War Democrat
October 6, 1864

MAJOR H. A. ORGAN -Major Organ died in Cairo one day last week, and his body was received in this town on Friday last.  This sad bereavement is a heavy blow to highly respected wife and family.

Nov 10, 2004
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