Wayne County

History of Township Name Changes

Note from Dianna:
Just before I moved to Fairfield I was cleaning out my boxes of 'old research data'. I came across the items on this page with a map that I added to it. I could have sworn that I had this on the site but, I cannot find any record of it.

I do not remember when I did this but it had to be before 1982. I remember getting confused by all the different names being in a location 'known as ...' later. It was my own confusion that got me to go to the Wisconsin Historical Library, where I spent hours reading 'loose papers and books, and maps." I finally sat down and put this page together.

Sorry folks, I never got to finish this, as some townships are blank. If anyone knows the missing data, please send it to me to add here.


Arrington Name changed from Fairfield to  Douglas on June 9, 1860; 
name changed from Douglas to Barnhill on September 3, 1860
Berry Formed from Arrington on December 12, 1905
Big Mound  
Elm River Name changed from Newton to Elm on June 9, 1860; 
name changed from Elm to Elm River (date unknown, before 1921).
Four Mile Garden Hill   Formed from Orchard (date unknown, before 1921)
Grover Formed as Fairfield from Barnhill on December 14, 1888.
Hickory Hill  
Indian Prairie Name changed from Johnson to Franklin on June 9, 1860; 
name changed from Franklin to Indian Prairie on September 3, 1860
Keith Formed from Bedford and Indian Prairie in June, 1906
Lamard Name changed from Jefferson on June 9, 1860
Leech Name changed from Wabash on June 9, 1860
Mt. Erie  
Orchard Name changed from Brush Creek on September 8, 1891
Orel Formed as Wayne from Four Mile and Arrington in March, 1886; 
name changed from Wayne to Orel in June, 1886.

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