Wayne County

Transcribed and submitted by Millie Haney

Wayne County Press
Feb, 1905
Clarendon, Jan. 7th.

I learn through the press that another non-resident issue will be published and am going to adress a letter to that department, hoping to hear something of my mother and farthers people and posibaly hear something of all my old friends and relatives. my mother was born un Tennessee, her maiden name being Lydia Campbell, was married to Jas. Dorris, of Tennessee, and moved to Wayne County in an early day, Nathan Atteburry was a neighbor to my father and mother. I was marriedat the age of 18 to Elies   Atteberry, Nathan Atteberry's oldest son, readed a family of five children- three girls and two boys, of whom there living only two boys, Elanon and William J. Atteberry, and one girl, which he still keeps. All grew up living here close to me. Shanon, my oldest son, put up the first hotel in clarendon, Texas, 17 years ago, which he still keeps. He also has ranch several miles from here.William J. Atteberry is a prosporous stock farmer, owning a ranch six miles from here. Matilda J. Atteberry was married to William R. Brinley   in 1875, has a family of eight chilfren, four boys and four girls, of whom she is justly proud. Their two of oldest son's William Thomas and Allie Green Brinley are in Arizona in the employe of Southern Pacifio R.R.

After the death of my first husband. I was married toJohnson Cates, of Mill Shoals, ILL. Had one child, a girl Fancy Cates by him who is grown and married Norman Clifton. She has five children and live on a ranch 18 miles from here Bray, Texas. When I left a widow by Johnson Cates, I married J.W.Singleterry, of Wayne County, ILL., and then my wanderings begain. We left Wayne Co., I:: in 1871 for Texas, stopped atest Plains with my sister and brither-in-law, David Harlin, who had left Wayne before we did, and from there we went on to Gainsville, Texas. David Harlinhas an inyerest in some mines and lives at Shawnee, Oklhoma. His two son's J.A. and B.C.Harlin are farming and have their home in Mountain View, Oklamona. My brother Wilkson Dorris, died 12 years ago. His family and Jack Bennett and family are living in Cartage, Mo. My brothers oldest son W.J. Dorris, has mineing interest and his brother Wesley Dorris has a groowery store, they are well of the falimy I know anything about. The Press just received, I stop writing to look it over, I see many names I am familliar with and some that I am personally aoquainted with, it is like a welcome visitor to our home. In the issue of November 10th. I rread a letter from D.W. Barkley which brought many cillections or thr early when we were children together and attended the same school with Dook Wingate as teacher. It brought many sad memories to mind as well as thoughts of my happy childhood days. I am 69 yesrs os age, have 22 grandchilren and five great-grandchildren, amd am glad to say we have all been very prosperous. It is a happy thought to me that when earthly tabernaole disolves, I have a bulding of God, a home not made with hands, enternal in the heavens. Prosperity and success to the Press and all the Wayne County wanderers.

Yours sin? Cerely?

Mary Angeline Singleterry

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