Wayne County

Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

Submitted by
Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter No. 23
Greer County Aug th 9 1883

My Dear little friend Miss Fancy I guess you think I made a short vised the other day when I was over there the Rangers was about to arest one of my best friends and I had to get in ahed of the Rangers to let him know they was acoming I wanto stay so bad I did not know what to do but I had to go ot will be som time before I will get to see you again but I will do what I said I would to never forget you if it will bee a year before I will get to see you but I will try and com down this fall and that wont bee very long in November somtime that will bee as long as I can stand if that is if you was in ernest what you said I am sure I was for you are the first young Ladie I ever loved but I guyess you could not help from seeing that I know you are the best looking Girl in Vernon but I alredy toled you that I am sure you never had a beter friend then I am to you but I beleave you douded it a little for beeing so bold on such short aquentence but I hope you will for give me for beeing so fast but I could not help it I love you and I cand help it and I haned going to try to keep from loveing you as long as you do not object and I hope that will bee for ever for I will bee satified well as there is nothing new up here I will close befor you will get tied reading mi letter so good by till the next time yurs verry Respectfully G. H. Herringen Direct to Doans Po (Is possible the last name is Herringer but based on the formation of individual letters within this it appears to be Herringen. An envelope Fancy saved had Gabe Herringen written across it.) Letter No. 23A Childres Co May th 18 1885 My own dear one I will trie and fulfil my promos and write you as I know you do want to here from me I am at Curtis Ranch will bee here for som time then I will goe to the X Ranch and bee there till the 10 of June then I will go to the V Ranch well I wanto see you aughful bad all the time every time I see you will make me hury our weding up because it hurts me to leave you for I am not satisfied only when I am with you so if wee marry you may know I will stay with all the time I can but I cannot agree with you to goe to Kansas yet ontill wee have got enough ahead to buy a farm and every thing wee need on it I have got som good _robisitions to work on a ranch when I marrie and then I will bee my own bos I do not know much about farming but I was Raised on one I like to live on a farm but I would like to get enough ahed to by one and stock it and so I think wee will hafts work _____________________ wee get fixed to live on a farm. I hope you did not get sick after I left for I hate to bee away from you if you was sick well I do not know any news so I close hoping to here from you soon direct your letters to Anadarka I will get it by the 29 of June if not before I will close hoping when you get you will bee well and injoying good helth Yours intended G H Herringen
(More letters to come)

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