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Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter 19

D.B. Harlan and family to Mary A Singleltery

Dear sister with pleasuer i that i trie to compose my mind to write you a few lines Well mary i like this countey well to live i dont feel like liveing long i have bin vary helplis all winter my feet and legs has bin warse then theay have every bin be fore thay have binsweled and sore that i have not bin able to scarsleay walk on them all winter i dont feel able to writ but i thought this might be the last apritunety of writing to you i will soon no if it is dont fore git the childern theay allways glad to heare from you and the childern theay you and the childern ware back heare and i doe my self for David gon from home most the time Mary rite soon as you git tis leter by that time i can tell bether newes or wors wone i hope fore the beter so remains your sister untill Death (letter continues in David's handwriting) Marie A Mary the old woman has the Blues I think what you think she thinks she will never get well any more tell the Boys Shan that I would like to see him and Will I wish they wre heare I could show them a farm that they never thought was heare now come and see the country I dont think I can Evr come to Texas But you can do well By coming Back Bud and the girles want to see the children good By for this time Wright soon yours Truly From D B Harlan Letter No. 19 A 1919 mail order (con) letter to Mrs. H. Clifton Send $1.75 for sample to make money. I pay $5.25 per dozen and need all you can make.

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