Wayne County

Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

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Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter No. 12
Fairfield, Wayne Co., Illi January the19, 1873.

Dear cousin i take my pen in hand to wright you a few lines to let you know i hav not forgotten you yet, i hav ritten the last leter but i do not know whether you reseaved or not i hav bin putting off wrighting as long as i can We are all wel at present and i hope when these few lines comes to hand they will find you all enjoying the same plesure i would love to see you all and i would lov to see you back hier Jack and Margret got back in time to help make molasses and i would lov to see you back in time to plow i like this countrey better than i ever did and i think that i will stay hier now and i think that margret an Jack is pretty wel satisfied Jack has got 4 horses and mules and 2 children I hav bin gwing to school this winter marten pucket is our teacher; we hav had the coldest winter hier that i ever saw thare has bin snow on the ground narley al winter it is snowing a gain to night ; i hav no got much to wright at present i must bring my letter to a close by saying write soon William J Dorris to cousins and family so good by

Fairfield Wayne County Ill Jan 19th 1873

Dear Uncle & Aunt as William has left a little space I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know that we are still Alive and tolerable well and also that we got your letter while in Mosouri and have not answered it yet which I am a little ashamed of but you must excuse me this time as my mind is wandering so as I could not think of any thing to write. I hope when those few lines come to hand they may find you all enjoying good health and doing well. I haven;t room to write much at at this time but will try to write again soon; We have got a fine Boy No more at this time Yours Truly J. W. Bennett Family

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