Wayne County

Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

Submitted by
Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter No. 11
August the 24th 1878

Dear cosin I seat my self to drop you A few lines To let you no that I am all well at the present hopeing when these few lines coes to hand They may find you well and Enjoying the Ritch things of this Earth well cosin you said you had forgoten me I dident think you had or I would not have A writen to you\ I had not forgoten you when I think of the hapy days we have spent to gether in our youth it seems but A Litle while Although I have forgoton things that has transpired since well cosin I have come up to grandmothers to attend A meeting and I thought I would rite to you It has been A good while since I rote to you But I dident have any stamps paper and envelopes I reseved your kind Leter and was glad to hear that you was all well I was at A basket diner at the Barnhill Last sunday it was A camblelite meeting I went down in the morning and stayed till after night meeting I had A real nice time me and my fellow I guess you think that sounds nice but I did\ well Cansadie I James Thomas and Newton ateberry Almost Every day they to have grown up to be good looking young men they both had A girl last sunday willis he to gets with the girls there was water Mellons sold all the day at the diner I thought of you that day I wished you was there to help me eat mellons well tell Aunt Mary that Mother has got Another litle baby boy it will be 5 weeks old sunday that makes 3 boys and 4 girls 7 of us in family T___(possibly toll eaning total) Martha and Virda and Elmiry Every day ov to Marthas felow still A waits upon her I think they will Mary ____ ____ __ he seem to be A good kind of A fellow I dont no but what he will do very well Well Canzadie guess I had Beter close and leave room for you to ____ you said wanted my picture I have not got any one when I get some taken I will send you one I want you to send me yours so no more at the present Now Hoping that you may rite soon I will leave the subject with you Belle D. Cox To Cansadie Atteberry Written sideways on the margin: give my love and best respects to all inquiring friends And keep A portion for your self The relation is well as far as I no

Letter No. 11 continued

Dear Cosin I take my pencil in hand to let you no that I am well at the present hoping when these few lines comes to hand they may find you well and doing well Well I resieved your leter and was glad to hear from you to hear that you was all well well I would like to see you ofal so I would see how big you are I am to big to Mary I am clear A bove _roll tax well cansada I hant got mutch mutch to rite only ther has bin seveal wedings here no body you no though there is A big meeting A going on here at the back of our orchard in the grove there will be meeting at 10 00 and to night it comenced last thursday night and will be continued A bout 2 weeks well I have not got any thing to rite so no more you mus rite & rite Away from Eve Ellie Cox to Cansasie Atteberry

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