Wayne County

Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

Submitted by
Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter No. 10
West Plains, Howell Co. April 21st 1878
to Mrs. Singletary & Family.

Worst times ever saw no money to buy anything, corn 50 cts bacon 8 cts coffee 8p. Josephine Renfro is hear and Mark her man hard up. Lots of Pneumony now. Hudsons family are down the old man I believe will die. Phil was out to see me and Bud went home with and got sick. Martha & Mose are talking of coming here. Ma Beethy ? will but I don't look. My wife name was Susan Elizabeth Simpson from Kentucky. She can whip a lion and ride a dear. She is as big as I am and as stout as a horse and a worker. She is well. From D. B. Harlan to Mary Singletary. Hudson Dead Buried. Pnuemona Fever.

(Josephine referred to in this letter is the daughter of Henry and Martha (Dorris) Atterberry.
D. B. Harlan is the husband of Elizabeth, sister to Martha and Mary Angeline Dorris.)

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