Wayne County

Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

Submitted by
Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter No. 7
Aug. 7th from Martha Renfrow to Mary Singletary and Family. I suppose the land is for sale for the taxes. Wilkson was going to write you about it but he has been sic. Mary I feel very sorry for you. I know something about your trobles about children being away from home. Angline has been away ever sinse my bab was four weeks old. We left Mark and Pheny on the old place. Imagin____ says she will write as soon as she gets her mind together. Wilkson will write as soon as he finds out what you must do to make the change of gaurdene. I was heart broken when you said you felt like I would never see you any more.

(Wilkson is a son of Martha (Dorris) Atterbury Renfro by her second husband Moses Renfro)

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