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Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

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Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Submitter Note - I have typed these letters exactly as they are written, misspellings, run on sentences, no capitalization, ometimes in the wrong places.

Letter No. 6

1872 January
January the 8th fairfield Wayn Co ills

dear brother and sister it with plasure and sollemnity i now try to an cer your most well com letter which come to hand the 6 which give grate satis fac tion to her from you all and that you wer as well as you was i would be glad to see you all wear as wll as common i was sorry to here that you wer not sttled thear for it is so fur to tex is it will be a slim chance to ever see each other eny mere in this life you wrote to siles wilson that you had seen a grate meny new objectes but we have seen stranges objects her that you have never seen we had a dul Cristmas olde Josire reed died a Cristmas mornig and wayn arter bary was on thurs day morning be fore Christ mas laid a gun barrel over the fire to git a bullet out that was fast in a short 6 inches of the musel he had on britch the gun and gotall the powder out he could git out he thought he would warm the patching and thn he could push it out he got up from the brecfust table set down in a cher ner the fire tuck holt of the tube and rised it up and it fired out at the britch and shot him in one of his seedes and lodged in him you needen reed this to all the docters said it pased through his blader for he could not pass eny water off onley out at the bullet hold he suffer auful at fist the docters give him medasen that kep him from suffering so much a few days he sent for the prechers and people to come and pray for him he told the children to mind what they wer told he sayed if he was spard he would mind while he lived for his mother tride to keep him from puting the gun on the fire but he sayed ther was no danger he live till the second day of this month he died he sed his trouble was all gon that morning before he died at nigt little wille was vary sick at the same time but is better now sintha is a bout yet i will tell you some more that hapened a bout three weekes ago at that long trussel be low barnhill the train run of and tore down the trussel a bout 7 hundre yards and tore the wheles and irons loose and busted 7 boxcares to pecies and throude the rail iron ever so fur bent some all most doble one brakes man got hurt and no other person a few hoges got kild two ar three cares at each end of the trainstayed on the track thay again in two dayes fixet it some of them brok up cares ar on each side of the trasel yet some topside down some on ther side all tore loose from tey wheeles and shived so no more this time onley i hope you will write soon imizindia Cox to mary A Singletary

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