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Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Submitter Note - I have typed these letters exactly as they are written, misspellings, run on sentences, no capitalization, ometimes in the wrong places.

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fairfield wane conty ill October the 23
Dear sister it is with pleasur and sorro i onse more try to write you afew lines to let you no we ar all well except Olives children tha have the chilles and i hope when this comes to hand it will find you all well the old man Singletary came to his son James is the 13 and him and girls _____ famely is her now it was joy to us to see him wile wor in life and her from you all by the word of mouth but it was sorro to us that you did not come with him the more i think over it the worse i feel a bout it it seemes like you did not want to come the old man likes this country vary well he ses if you was her with him but he ses he did contented with out you he ses if you sould come out her he would like to live her well anif i wish you would all back her i am all most a lone one of our family Syntha is living at her place yet tha are well all the connection is well as far as i no John Cart is ded and old tomas smith wife is ded old villey gorg is ded Martha and Mose renfrow is moved to wher will kerson is in mosure tha are doing well henry tyler has bin out thare a few days ago to see John Codle he lives anaber to them matty aterbary is marred a frank right we have had a dry fall but it is well a nuf now the boys is soing white wheet ther is a pertracted meting going on at the new pros betern cherh be tween her and fairfiel i see the kates childern some ago and tha told me to writ to you tha wanted you to writ to them and send them fancfes pictur tha sed tha wanted to see you riley Johnson and mose Cates is living at mill sholes well mary i want you to come and see us eny how on a viset and bring the girles with you the connection all wantes to i want you to just as soon as you get this letter i wnt to see you auful bad i want you to come or writ as i am puney in the winter time and dont how soon i will leav this world tel tilda to writ and excuse me for not writting to her oftener the chilren to all writ to us good by fo this time from S I C Cox to Mary A Singletary an f_ily

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