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Submitter Note - I have typed these letters exactly as they are written, misspellings, run on sentences, no capitalization, ometimes in the wrong places.

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Carthage Mo July 14, 1887
Miss Fancy Very Dear and loving Cousin I will try and rite you aa few lines as I am a lone Mother has gone to hunt some blackburies father is out at work and the 3 hired hans is a helping one of the neighbors thrash Just think of me Monday I will half to cook for the thrashers we will thrash but half of ours then wheat is onley 6 cts now Fancy we got a letter from Crate Cox yesterday he sed Aunt Mazindia was dead she dide the 6 of this month she was sick 5 weeks she dide with the heart disease and dropsy the rest is all well except uncle Thomis he is not well. he sed Aunt knew evrything till the verry last . he sed sire was married he did not say who he married he has bin married 3 weeks fancy did you have a good time the 4th I went to green wood parks that is 9 mile from here thare was 2000 persons thare had a splendid time till eve it raned and most of the folks was out in the rane and it raned real hard and most all eve we started home and stopt till the rane was over I will not say I had a verry good time for you know I would not when my best fellow was not thare I hope you had a good time or are you like me cant see your best F. I mean the one you think the most of well I will tell you a bout crop wheat is real good corn looks verry good oats real poor potatoes tolerable
good I expect we will move out to Colo. next spring and we will stop at your house I hope you folks will go on with us I would like to see you the best in the world I imagine you are like my self real lively I guess emmer told you that she sed you and her had a good time I was mad because I did not go with her but one of us had to stay at home father is a talking to going to Colo. the last of next month or the first of September and I will go with him if I can hold a clame if we go we will come back in 2 or 3 weeks Will go on the trane wesly is a comeing back this fall I guess he cant do without seeing fancy do not think i told you a false hood a bout my Photo I have bin so busy I have not got them taken yet but will soon we are a bout got thru with hireing so menny men and I will get time to get them taken and rite oftener youmust excuse me for not riting sooner I know if you knew how mutch I had to do you wood fancy I do not want you to rite a bout getting stuck on that young man that was with Wesley if you ar stuck on him as bad as I am you are pretty bad gon Mr Bensing rote to me he sed he thought my cousin real good looking and a verry nice laday tell Aunt to send u her Photo I will close maby mother will rite it is dinner time good by your cousin Sall D

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