Wayne County

Old Letters Submitted by Researchers

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Cheryl M. Stubenrauch

Letter No. 1

this is the first sundy in june Deer sister wonc more i take my pen in han to let you no that we are well and douing ase we can not ase we plese if it wose ase i plese i wod hav my sistere wher i cud see themwoncanawhile i hop when this cum to hand will find wou all well and duing beter then before i dont no how to pursuad you to cum back her i think you had beter cum and tend to yore bisness i wose in hopes you wod cum back tell i herd matilday wos mared then i lost all hopes tel will and shan one not mary  thar cum back her and stick up to the old ran father straten him out he hase got my land all but my part tha i hold he watn it he wont gut ase long as i can get Mark and pene to liv on it Mark won to go to his pap in Mo and Jopene dont want to go i dont no wat tha will duo we have bout a plase a bout a mile from wher we liv now we are living on pigrig now and when we mov we will move on the tale of pig rig we will hav beter rang fore oure cows we hav the best cows in the settlement i think we had a hard frese in april Canzdy I wod lik to see you and fancy I wod lik for you to be her to help mee eat lettis my lettes is headid lik kabig I wod lik to see you all woncmore around my table Martha Renfrow to Canzdy and fancy I want you to lev texes before the ware setin ther theris strong talk ov war thar tharis men a driling in the sought now for the bisness I want you to get a way before that takes plase I dont no how to rit to you Mary I wod likto see you all very well I hav lost all hopes ov it i don think I will ever go to texes if dont cum back I am a frade we will never see ech other a gane in this lif thare is a hop be yone the vale which makes me think we will meet agane wher parting with frens no sorrow no sheding tirs I cant hadle see how to rit fore tirs I fele so sorrow when i set my self doun i dont no what to rit if i cud see you i cud taught to you more then i can rit to you Shanen I wod lik to see you and will cum back her  Dont lev yore mother bring her along I want you to be good boys to her and duo the best you can fore yore self keep yore self out ov eny snars keep you eys skind keep a wach out fore those kind ov pepel for tha are allways redy to tak you in I want you and Will to rit to yore old ant and dont foregit it Mary I want you to rit suon as you git this letter dont delay lik i hav ancer yors Martha Renfrow to Mary Singletary and famly I will send my bab pictur to the littel gurls forlon Wilkson I mine  (Written at the very top of the first page upside down -) we hav had a fine raine to Day good nit Martha M M.

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