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Submitted by Tom James

Tom James wrote:
This is written by Lizzie Paul to her Uncle Steve Adamson, who never married and lived in Hamilton County. He is Lizzie's mother's half-brother.
Do you know where Barefoot is? She makes it sound very nice.
Jim (Jim Paul) is her brother
Matt Jackson is probably her cousin, the son of her mother's sister Sarah A. Adamson-Jackson.
Uncle Wood is Uncle Steve's younger brother.
Bob and George are Lizzie's brothers, but I don't know who Lola is.

Mt Erie  Ills
Aug 2, 1892
Dear Uncle
it is with pleasure that i seat my self to answer your kind letter which was recieved and reas with pleasure this letter leaves me tolerable well hoping it may find you all well i was glad to hear from you and would love to see you all i am still staying in Mt Erie ant Sallie and ____ is both nearly sick but the rest of the friends is all well as far as i know Jim has bought him a Saw mill and thrashing machine he is getting rich fast pa is still living in barefoot come up and we will go to barefoot its a lovely place tell grandma i would love to see her and i am going to send her one of my pictures it is not a good one but it is just as pretty as i am i am much obliged to you for sending them names to me i will write them down and keep them if rof comes up this fall be sure and come with him and i will go home with you tell all of the friends i would love to see them i wrote to purly before i wrote to you last and have recievd no ans yet uncle Steve i was baptized a Sunday and will be received in the church the last Sunday in this month i wish you and grandma could be hear tell ant mollie anduncle wood to come up this fall and ant mag and uncle bill could if they just would i wish i could have been there to a went to meeting with you mat Jackson is working out this summer and Lola has been working at a hotel and has nearly killed her self she is at home now and no telling when she will be able to work again bob is not married yet and george is still at home but i wont advise him to leave for i know how it is tobe away from home So i will bring my letter to a close  by asking you to write soon and tell me all the neus So good by love to all and give my love to all enquiring friends

Lizzie to uncle Steve

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