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To help you understand who the people are:
Grandma is Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson who lived in Hamilton County.

Purley is Pearlie Prather, the daughter of Mollie and Bud Prather (11 years old)

Brittie is Lizzie's sister,  Brittomosette Paul (19 years old)

Grandma Paul and Ant Ellen (No information except that they live in Mason County, Kentucky)

Rosy and Billie Johnson (No information)

Uncle Bob Kennady and Laura (No information)

Uncle George is George Adamson, Lizzie's mother's half-brother.

Aunt Sallie (Sally Ann Jackson, Lizzie's mother's sister)

Lillie and Fannie Prather (No information)

Auunt Mag is Margaret Jane Adamamson-Bennett, Lizzie's mother's half-sister, and my great-grandmother.

April the 9 1885
                Mt Erie Ills
Dear Grandma
          i seat my self down to rite you a few lines to let you no that we are all well at present and hope when this comes to hand it will find you the same well grand ma i was Sorrow to hear of you a losing your health grandma i cant come and live with you but brittie is a coming i want to see you so bad i cant hardly stand it i got a letter from purley and i answered it but i haint got any answer grand ma i wish you was able to come up here and see us we got a letter from grandma paul and ant Ellen last week they was well rosy and Billie Johnson has gone to house keeping uncle bob kennady was up here the last big snow Laura and him was both sick uncle Georges was all well and ant Sallies was all well tell purley i rote her a letter and sent it with lillie and Fannie prather Aunt Mollie i want you to come up and see us i want to see you and the children so bad have the babies and purleys if you cant have the rest tell aunt Mag to make her man bring her up to see us well i will close for this time i send my love to you all so good by

From Lizzie

To Grandma

Feb  8, 2000
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