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Submitted by Tom James

Tom James wrote:
This letter is written by Lizzie Paul, the daughter of Will Paul and Marial Adamson-Paul, to her grandma Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson in Hamilton County. Her mother has been dead for about a year-and-a-half at the time she writes the letter. She has been the woman of the house for a while because her mother was sick for quite a while before she died. She is 15 years old when she writes this letter. Brittie is her sister who is 17. Charley is a young uncle, and Bob is her 13-year-old brother. Aunt Mollie is her mother's half-sister.

July the 16 1883

Dear grandma i thought i would rite you a letter this evening as it has ben a raining this evening or id haft to rake oats i would answer your letter and let you no that we are all well and hope when those few lines comes to hand they will find you all the same well grandma we have got 8 gallons and a half of blackberries caned Brittie has gone to work for Bud Westfall our wheat is tollerable good corn is good and oats to grandma our garden is good we have not got very many young chickens for they have all died Charley    Bob says tell you has been a plowing new ground corn all sumer till harvest and bound wheat all thrugh harvest and has been a binding oats well grandma i would like to come down there if i could but i cant come but i want you to come up here and tell aunt mag and her man to come to well grandma we will move up to our place in September grandma you dont no what a comfort it is to no that we have got a home of our own to go to well i cant think of any thing else to rite so i will close for the time asking you all to rite soon so good by

Yours Truly From Lizzie to Grandma

Well ant Mollie i thought i would rite you a few lines to let you no that we are all we and hope you are the same ant mollie you dont no how glad we was to here from you all uncle steve george Say goose ass to you purley i wish you could come up here and stay  2 week this fall i have nearly fergot how you look ida is getting supper and mattie is at miss hills well i will close for this time hoping to here from you all soon so good by
pa is not married yet
From Lizzie to Aunt Mollie

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