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Submitted by Tom James

Tom wrote:
This letter is written from Lizzie Paul, who lived in the Mt. Erie area, to her grandmother Rebecca Cracraft-Adamson who lived in Knights Prairie Township in Hamilton County. She was the daughter of Marial Adamson-Paul and Will Paul. I have others that I could send if people are interested.(NOTE: I wrote back we are very interested)

Tom also added he'd like to hear from anyone who might have some 'reply' letters.

January the 10 1882

My Dear grandma i take my pen in hand to rite you a few lines to let you no that we are all well and hope when those few lines comes to hand they will find you all enjoying the same pleasure well grand ma we are left a lone now mother died nov 23 she talked about you all the time that she was sick well grandma i am troubled nearly to death i dont no what to do oh i want to see you all so bad Jim never got to see mother she called for him just a few minutes be fore she died she died easy she went off just like She was going to sleep and she neverer Struggled nary bit she cumenc dying in the morning and died that night at 8 oclock she watched me all the time that day when she was dying she watched me all the time that she could see me brittie was at ant Sallies yesterday and they are all well dick is with ant Sally now Jim went down South and stayed Six weeks and come home a week after mother died she talked and cried all the time she was sick because she wanted to hear from you so bad has has gone to fairfield to cort well i will close for this time so good by to you a tell ant molly and purley to come when they could and to rite and tell us all the news excuse bad riting rite Soon and com when you can

lizzie to grandma
in haste rite son

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