Wayne County

Old Letters

Submitted by Kendrah Justesen and Jean Graham

Kendrah wrote:
Transcription of a letter from Syl Foster to Elizabeth (Emmons) Foster

Mrs. Elizabeth Foster
Mount Erie
Wayne Co. Illinois

Clay City, Ills
Dec. 15, 1872

Deare Mother and Family
It is with pleasure that I seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope that you are the same.

I was at Xenia last Sunday to see the Folks. They are all well except bad colds. Claude is as fat as ever. walks and runs every place he wants to go to.

Vinnie is fat and saucy. she can sit alone. she plays and laughs like a little woman.

Well I must apologize a little for not writing sooner

First, I couldn't harldy get time to write

Second, I hadn't the paper and stamps to write

3rd, I expected to see somebody from Mt. Erie and send word.  I saw Frank Best the day I got in town to go to work.  I told him to tell you what I was at .

I am working for Schooley & Kennedy Bros. Schooley is a bro-in-law of the Kennedy's and the Kennedy boys are sons of our Old "Cannada"  that pap bought the molasses off. he is dead, and I helped make the old ladys coffin about 3 weeks ago. they are First rate folks. Grandpap Schooley
is very poorly now. he is over 80 years old. he can't last long. O. D .Schooleys wife is very sick but she is better now. I haven't got my goods yet but I guess I will get them this week. I rented a house for 7 dollars a month. it is a good house. If it was in Flora it would rent for 12 dols

How is the "Epezootic" in Mt. Erie by this time. it is raging here but not so bad as other places. no horses have died yet with it. well write soon and let me know how you are. tell Marion to get that bench screw from Borterfields - he was to give me a dollar for it but didn't
so I want it

Tilda said she wrote to you. She is well

From your affectionate son,
Syl Foster

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