Wayne County

Old Letters

Submitted by Kendrah Justesen and Jean Graham.

Kendrah wrote:
Transcription of a letter from Mary Foster to David Hayden Foster in Wayne Co., Ill
Transcribed by Kendrah Justesen
Original in possession of Jean Graham

Dec. 19th 1870

Willow Creek Greenwood County Kansas

Dear Son,
I recieved you welcome letter a few days ago and was glad to hear you
had got as near home as you had, and that you stood the trip so well.
Your letter found me as well as common, and I hope when this comes to
hand it will find you still on the mend and at home with your wife and
children, which I hope are enjoing good health also.
 I feel glad to think that you have got home for I think that Elizabeth
shurely must have been uneasy about you.
 Barnet got an old house in Mr. Klingers yard. He has fixed it up so I
don't think we will suffer much with the cold although today is pretty
cold.  there was a right smart snow fell last friday night and still on
the ground. the wind raised this morning and is blowing very cold. we
have been here three weeks. Barnet has not got any land yet.
 Lewis staid with us all night on his return from Wichitaw. he brought
home with him half of a buffalo. he gave us enough for supper. it was as
good meat as ever I eat. it was splendid. he had a good time and was
gone just one week.  Klingers folks are all well. Cassie has got so she
can be around.  I have not has the chills now for about five weeks. I
feel in hopes that I will not have them any more but Tom Hollands family
have the chills yet. almost all of them.
well as I have no more to write so I will bring my letter to a close.
hoping a speedy reply.
Elizabeth, it has been so long since Ive had a letter from you that I
expect a large one. write soon and often, so, no more, but still remain
your mother.

  Mary Foster

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