Wayne County

Old Letters

Transcribed and submitted by Melany J. Granville

These letters are from Elisha Franklin and Lucinda Jane Wilkerson of Long Prairie, Wayne Co., IL to William and Martha Wilkerson in Kansas (all spelling original). Remember the dates would be 1886.

Long Prairie Ills.
Dec 27 / 86

Dear Cousins
Will & Matt.

After so long a time we will try and anser your kind and much welcome Letter and your Photograph Picture Which we receaved in October was glad to hear from you and was awful glad to get your Picture and hope you will Pardon us for not writing sooner it isent because we dident wont to write [UND:]to be shure[:UND] but seems like we couldent write any sooner but will try and do Better from know on. we are all well at the Present hoping when these few lines reaches you will find you all well and enjoying your selves fine. hope you all had a good time a Christmas we had a very nice time here we had a big supper at the school House Christmas night for the Sunday School Scholar folks and a little ones were all Present a bout four houndard Eat supper. all went off nice and every one seemed too enjoyed his supper all the little ones eat supper first you aught to have seen them a bout seventy five all eating around one table  Samantha is very low dont think can live very much longer Douglases wife is very low with consumption cant live long there hasent bin very many deaths here lately are sickness we are having a very nice winter haveing some very cold days but most all has bin nice clear days well you wanted us to say what we thought about your farm and sod house well it looks very nice it looks better than we expected we are glad to know that youen are getting along so well

Mag say she would be a fraid it would tumble in on her and afraid a snake would get holt of her Looks like it would be bad for snakes was glad to see old Molls Pictures she looks very natural.  Corn 35' to 40' bu oats 25' to 30 bu wheat 6 b' to 70 per bu hogs 4 cts. lb grous eggs 15 to 20 cts doz Butter 15 cts. failure of crops has made money matters kind of scare but we have bin blest many other way so we can get along very well any way we have bin having good meetings alltime to go to we have to pray at meeting Ever wedensday night at the school House and we have 2 good Sunday school agoing on we have had quite a change around here seems like ever body is trying to do better around here oh we have Preaching all the time nearly ever night well Bill I hope you have got religion by this time so you can write and tell us. nothing would please us any better than to know of you a being religious the cannbolites are haveing a metting at Present so we will close for this time hoping to hear from you all soon yours as ever Frank and Jane

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