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Submitted by Pamela Duprest

Pam's notes:
This letter was written by my great grandfather Wilson Butler. He had an office in Garrison, Hamilton Co., IL and Mayberry, Wayne Co., IL. He lived in Wayne Co. and in Garrison, Hamilton Co., Ill feb 10, 1895. Dock [Dock Butler, his son, b. 1874 in Fairfield and moved to Stoddard Co., MO]

Who's who in the letter:

You gave me a great surprise I did not expect aletter from you but was glad to hear you was well. my health is very bad this winter I have had to hire my wood hauled and cut at the house and carried in the house I have not been able to cut wood to burn for 3 days this whole winter, I have not been to the mayberry office but twice since november. I go to garrisons once a week when i am able and some times 2 weeks, Riches folks have tride to have lots of dances but failed for the want of she males, but they did have one 2 girls came from snake islands, 5 boys, they that is riches folks came here and borrowed a pint of coal oil and a chimney and 3 teaspoonfils of soda to raise the dance and then had to go whare you moved from to get ???? Williamson to make out 1 set rich got $1 to play until 10 oclock that is all the dances I know of their having, i have not been to any dances ive not been able to go. Carl has not recd but 1 letter from you and that he answered, he is just as he always is, Zeke and Helen i dont know anything about them nor whare the are zeke is lazy as hell, they runaway and zeke and jo hutch swore out the licence at carmi they swore helen was 18 years of age and when zeke found out i had the paper he left that night zek worked enough to pay their fair back here just 1 week before last october but the paper i got sent him flying,   they come back once but dont know whare they went, helens shoes was not fit to wear the sole was off from one of them and she is in the family way and no place to go or home. she greased her axs and slid out maby she will come to her senses in a few years. polly ann is selling out to get away from here, most every one is as well as usual. i shall have to close for this time for i can see to write so good by for this time Dr W. Butler P.S. it may be 4 or 5 days befor i can get to the office

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