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Submitted by Shirley  Rakers

Note:  I did not change the layout of this to fit a 'web page', as I thought it was nicer to have it as appears in the Bible.

The following is taken from the family Bible of Aaron Robertson and Elizabeth Beck.

(hand written inscription)
This Bible was later
Presented to
Mary F. Evans
by her father
A. Robertson on 1897

(hand written inscription)

A. Robertson & Family

Within these light illumined pages
So beauteous to behold
Are hidden gems of Revelation
Treasures of the New and Old.

Mankind in times long since forgotten
Have sought to understand the Truth
Yet many a truth remains unspoken
Precious to the aged and youth.

Herein we find no contradiction
Man will sometime understand
Each parable, metaphor and vision
For all point to that Happy Land.

    (Marriage Certificate within the Bible)


Aron Robertson of Nashville Brown County Ind
Elizabeth Beck of Nashville Brown County Ind
on Feb. 25th 1858 at Residence of John Beck by Elder George Phillips, Christian Ch.
witness Sueida Beck   witness Louisa Robertson

Marriages (hand written inscriptions)

Sarepta F. Robertson was united in marriage with Philip H. Eikleberry June 30, 1882 at Jeffersonville, Ills. by D. Logan

D. V. Robertson was married June 9, 1891 to Ethel Clark, near Fairfield, Ills by D. Logan

Mary F. Robertson was married to R. Bruce Evans, June 1 - 1895, at
Fairfield, Ills. by Judge Bonham

Births (hand written inscriptions)

J. L Robertson was born November 30 1858 in Brown Co. Indiana

Sarepta F. Robertson was born in Brown Co. Ind. July 30, 1860

Robert William Robertson was born in Brown Co Ind Jan 5,1863

Laura Samatha Robertson was born March 6,1866 Brown Co Ind

Martha Ann Robertson born in Brown Co Ind June 4,1869

Daniel Boone Robertson was born June 24, 1871 in Brown Co Ind

Mary F Robertson born in Wayne Co. Ills August 25th 1874

Deaths (hand written inscriptions in various handwriting)

Laura Samantha died about the age of 6 years and Martha Ann about 2 yrs

Robert William died in September 1885

John L. died November 1887

Sarepta F. died Jan 27 - 1946

Daniel - unknown

Mary F. died May 27, 1958

Memoranda (hand written inscription)

Robert Robertson and Susan his wife came from Tennessee to Ind. in the early settlement of the county and settled near Nashville in Brown Co.

Aron Robertson was born Feb 12, 1835 and at the age of twenty two, married Elizabeth A. Beck and lived in the same county until the year of 1873 (Oct. 6) when he removed to Ills. near Jeffersonville in Wayne Co. Here he resided until his death which occurred July 3rd 1901 at the age of 66 years. His wife survived him but a short time. Her death occurring the following March 4th 1902 at the age of 68 years and 6 months. Out of seven children but (3) three survive them; 2 daughters having died in infancy and two sons after having reached manhood's estate.

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